Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research

ISSN: 2155-6113

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Development of the Malay Version of the English HIV Stigma Questionnaire: A Review


Mohd Shaiful Azlan Bin Kassim*, Nor Asiah Muhammad, Muhd Hafizuddin Taufik bin Ramli, Azlinda Azman, Mohd Hazrin Hasim Hashim, Hanif bin Bistari, Fazila Haryati binti Ahmad, Nik Adilah Binti Shahein, Muhammad Solihin bin Rezali, Chan Ying Ying, Norhafizah Binti Sahril, Nor Ain Bt Ab Wahab, Mohd Hatta Bin Abd Mutalip and Noor Ani binti Ahmad

Background: HIV Stigma impeded the screening, treatment and compliance of HIV/AIDS management. Therefore, the data on the burden of HIV stigma is vital. This study aims to examine the cross-cultural translation adaption of the Malay version of HIV Stigma Questionnaires and also examine its validity and reliability.

Literature Review: The standard English version of the HIV Stigma Questionnaire by The Global Stigma and Discrimination Indicator Working Group (GSDIWG) and STRIVE research consortium was undergone a Malay translation via forward-backward methods. Content validity by the expert committees and reliability by preliminary pilot testing was done.

Results: The content validity was approved by the expert committees with acceptable reliability during the preliminary survey analysis. Internal consistency was acceptable with Cronbach’s alpha value was 0.76.

Conclusion: The validation of the Malay version of HIV Stigma questionnaire reveals an excellent cross-cultural adaption, content validation and reliability. This Malay version is open for potential Malaysia’s HIV Stigma studies in the future in parallel with our national strategic planning on HIV to end HIV by 2030.


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