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Dental Implants


Oshida Yoshiki *

Since my research interest is surface modification of dental implant, let me throw my thought on dental implant surfaces onto future authors ground. When any two (either similar or dissimilar) material surfaces are in contact, an interfacial layer (or zone, depending on its thickness) can be created. The interface between placed foreign dental implant and receiving vital hard/soft tissue is not an exception in this category, and the thus formed interface between implant and bone should play a crucial role for controlling the longevity of placed implants. There are two ways to investigate such an interface; one is biomaterial science approach, looking at the interface from material science and engineering viewpoint, and the other is biological approach. Results from both disciplines should be integrated to elucidate the implant surface which is fused by vital bony cells (in one word; Osseo integration).


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