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Demand for Nursing Care from Elderly People Hospitalised at an Intensive Care Unit


Mariusz Wysokinski, Wieslaw Fidecki, Elzbieta Kowalska, Robert Slusarz, Irena Wronska, Kornelia Kędziora-Kornatowska and Lilla Walas

Background: The work aimed at assessing the demand for nursing care from elderly patients at ICUs, based on the TISS-28 scale.

Objective: The research was based on the patients’ classification method employing the TISS-28 scale.

Methods: The investigation involved 100 assessment sheets of elderly patients staying at a randomly selected ICU in Lublin from February to April 2010.

Results: Data analysis proved elderly patients’ TISS-28 scores were highest for basic activities- 9.31 (SD-2.14), however, lower scores were reported for respiratory therapy 3.45 (SD-1.89). A general TISS-28 assessment for the whole research cohort was 23.64. This means that patients should be provided with nursing care level of one nurse per two patients per shift.

Conclusions: The more advanced the patients’ age the lower the assessment of therapeutic interventions within the scope of basic activities and circulation therapy, but at the same time, the higher the assessment of respiratory therapy and other interventions.


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