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Cornucopia and Highlights of Internet Resources on the Web for COVID-19


Dr. Chee-Hon Ng , Dr. Cornelius Tan and Prof. Leo

Introduction: A new coronavirus COVID-19 has emerged as the cause of unusual cluster of viral pneumonia cases in China. The situation has rapidly evolved into a global health emergency as declared by the World Health Organization. Aim: This paper aims to provide a brief and succinct guide to the current knowledge available in the internet regarding COVID-19 and the practice of dentistry. We tabulated the most useful websites available on the internet to the dental practitioner and the reader of our journal. Methods: Current search engines Googles, Yahoo and Bing were used without time limit to trawl for websites with terms “COVID-19”, “SARSCoV-2”, “Coronavirus” in conjunction with “Dentistry”, “Infection control” and “Dental Practice”. Results: We found many yields of websites with good clinical information and current best practices to advert transmission of COVID-19 in the dental practice. There has been an unprecedented change in how dental patients are managed in this crisis. The current best practices are highlighted in the figures. The websites were classified and tabulated and listed as a table. Conclusion: This paper provides a synopsis of the best available resource in Dentistry and guidance on the internet for COVID-19. The internet is a good source of dental information, resource and tools useful for the dissemination of information on COVID-19. It has been shown that in this pandemic that is happening world-wide, many researchers and scientists have shared their best information about this unknown disease and provided the best timely practices to other practitioners all over the world to avert transmission to healthcare workers in their institutions and to limit the spread of the infection to the local community.


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