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Contemporaneous Infection of Dengue and Typhoid: 6 Months Study at Karachi


Sara Ahmed Kaleem, Noor ul Ain, Shireen Shahid and Abdullah Farhan Essa

Typhoid and Dengue both are so different diseases but they have some similar routine manifestations like fever. Our 6 months performed study was to determined contemporaneous infection of both diseases having same routine manifestations in patients at the same period of time. We were collected the blood samples from suspected patients. The serum were separated out through centrifugation from the desired blood samples and tested for typhoid by Rapid Immuno-chromatographic (typhidot) technique and for the dengue we performed NS1 Rapid technique. The performed results showed that 64.4% typhoid positive from dengue negative patients and 4% dengue positive from typhoid negative patients but we were not found any suspected patient who infected with both diseases at the same time. From our performed results we can conclude that the contemporaneous infections should be confirmed by diagnostic laboratory properly because it may leads to misdiagnosis and creates difficulties to the physician for their respective treatments. To restraint the contagious infections we should prevent the route of infections because prevention is better than cure.


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