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Computer-Aided Drug Potency Decoder: A Biomedical/Bioengineering Device for Determining and Distinguishing Drug Efficacies


Norbert Nwankwo

We have preliminarily presented three Digital Signal Processing (DSP)-based Computer-Aided Biomedical/ Bioengineering devices. They are Computer-Aided Drug Resistance Calculator (Patent Application Publication No: US20150370964), Computer-Aided Vaccine Potency Assessor (InnoCentive (USA) Challenge Winning Solver Award ID: 9933477) and Computer-Aided Pharmaco-Investigator.

Here, we present the fourth biomedical/bioengineering device, which is to be labeled Computer-Aided Drug Potency Decoder. Its role is to determine and distinguish drug effectiveness. All the DSP-based devices including those mentioned here engaged aggregate contributions from all the Molecular descriptors and point mutations. This is in order to obtain the entirety of the pharmacological activities involved. It is therefore vital that all the Molecular descriptors and point mutations need be identified and engaged. This is to ensure that accurate pharmacological activities are obtained. Engagement of incomplete and incorrect Molecular descriptors and point mutations will lead to deriving incorrect pharmacological activities. Engaging false results hence inaccurate pharmacological activities portend danger to the end-users (patients). There are no known procedures or algorithms to determine complete and accurate Molecular descriptors and point mutations for use in the DSP-based Computer- Aided devices. However, the researcher has developed a procedure that engages all Molecular descriptors and point mutations, and presents accurate findings. This procedure needs be incorporated into all the devices.


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