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Compliance of Nurses to National Nursing Process Guideline in Tercha General Hospital, Southern Ethiopia 2018: Case Study


Animut Addis Feleke, Muluneh Getachew Garedew and Yisalemush Assefa Demise

Introduction: Ethiopia adopts nursing process guideline and had been implementing at all hospitals since 2010. It is essential for improving quality of nursing care provided for admitted patients. However, there is no clear evidence on the compliance of nurses with this national guideline specifically to the study area.

Objective: To assess the compliance of nurses with national nursing process guideline at Tercha general hospital, Southern Ethiopia, 2018 B.C.

Methods: This study was conducted in the Tercha General Hospital of Dawuro zone, which is located 554 km far from Addis Ababa in the southern part of Ethiopia. Single case study design with mixed methods of data collection was employed from March 15-30/2018. Data were collected through observation sessions of 125 clients to nurse interactions and review their charts, and 14 key informants. Descriptive statistics like frequency, mean, media and percentage were done by using SPSS version 23. Qualitative data were analyzed manually by categorizing in to different themes and triangulated with the observation findings. The results were presented in form of texts and table.

Results: The overall compliance of nurses with national nursing process guideline in Tercha general hospital was 47%. Nursing assessment and diagnosis were performed for 67% and 62% of patients, respectively. Whereas, nursing care planning, implementation and evaluation were made only for 54%, 52% and 47% of admitted patients, respectively. Qualitative study explained that these under performances were due to inadequate medical supplies, reference materials, staffing, and limited capacity building activities like training.

Conclusion and recommendation: The practice of nursing process as the national standard was low. We therefore recommend the hospital to fulfill resources for practicing nursing process and should provide capacitybuilding activities like training and regular internal mentorship.


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