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Comparison of Flooding and Raised Bed Irrigation Systems for Wheat Crop at Samoo (Village Bilawal Khan Jamali) District Jaffarabad Balochistan Pakistan


Jamali MH and Laghari KQ

Wheat is considered as the chief cereal crop of Pakistan. Most of the farmers in Jaffarabad use flooding irrigation system for wheat crop which causes waterlogging and salinity in the area. Therefore, this research work was conducted at Village Bilawal Khan Jamali, union council Samoo, District Jaffarabad, Balochistan, Pakistan. Aim of this research work is to determine water saving and optimum crop yield by comparison of flooding and raised bed irrigation systems. In Flooding and Raised bed Irrigation Systems, Management Drawn Depletion (MDD) level was used. Study results revealed that the net irrigation (I) was applied 320 mm for flooding irrigation system, for raised bed irrigation system, 277 mm of net irrigation was calculated and 50 mm rainfall occurred in the fields. The yield production of flooding and raised bed irrigation systems were calculated 1368 kg/acre and 1656 kg/acre respectively. The yield of raised bed irrigation system was calculated 17.2% greater than flooding irrigation system. According to these results, the maximum yields have been obtained and waterlogging and salinity were controlled from raised bed irrigation with efficient usage of water.


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