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Comparing the Effectiveness of Health Program in Thailand and Japan


Suchinda Maruo Jarpat, Wanna Sanongdetch, Supalax Choeychom, Sirintorn Chansirikarn, Supunnee Thrakul1, Ruja Phuphaibul, Sampun Phuphaibul, Saiki Terasawa, Keisuke Nakade, Toshiaki Watanabe, Yuki Murata and Koji Terasawa*

Objective: This study aimed to establish appropriate health education in Thailand to compare the health education of Thailand and Japan.

Method: Participants in Salaya, Thailand, totalled of 24 people aged 69.1 ± 6.6 years, whereas participants in Minowa, Japan totalled 46 people aged 62.7 ± 4.7 years. Implementing the health program lasted 6 months in Salaya and 10 months in Minowa. We measured the energy expenditure using a pedometer and implementing Go/No-Go task for the brain function test and physical fitness tests in the before and after this period.

Results: The results of Salaya showed the average walking steps were 4,012. As for Minowa, the average walking steps were 8,644. In Minowa, the Go/No-Go task number of error responses significantly decreased after the program, although Salaya was not significantly different. As for Salaya, the results for grip strength and sit ups significantly decreased after the program, whereas 6-minute walk significantly improved. In Minowa, the results of the handgrip strength, sit ups, sit-and-reach flexibility, 10-meter obstacle walk, and the 6-minute walk significantly improved after the program. The handgrip strength and sit ups of Minowa showed a significant difference from those of Salaya.

Conclusion: By doing the 90-minute strength and weight training once a week in Minowa the participants may have encouraged one another to a superior number of walking steps, and better rest results on the Go/No-Go task and the physical fitness tests compared with those of Salaya


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