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Cognitive Automation ??? Automating with Artificial Intelligence at Enterprise scale.


Pablo Escobar de la Oliva

As organizations look for ways to improve operational efficiency with new Enterprise Applications and applying new Emerging Technologies, the Operationalization of Artificial Intelligence solutions becomes more relevant and the Integration between Automation solutions like RPA with the Data and Analytics Platforms is critical to deliver automation and business answers. In the first part of the session we will see the Automation Challenges using AI new techniques and Data & Analytics Enterprise Platforms integrated with Automation tools. The second part of the session will cover the case study presentation of the Enterprise Cognitive Automation solution we have implemented around Documentary Processes. The solution implemented is able to execute cognitive capabilities to non-structured scanned documents like Intelligent Classifications, Intelligent Concepts Extractions and Intelligent Decisions using latest Artificial Intelligence techniques. The solution is enabling the automation of Loan Application and Digital Onboarding processes at enterprise scale with relevant business outcomes.


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