Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering

ISSN: 2165-784X

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Cement Soil Stabilization as an Improvement Technique for Rail Track Subgrade, and Highway Subbase and Base Courses: A Review


Habeeb Solihu

This research paper summarizes published research works on the suitability of cement as an effective chemical stabilizer to improve the strength and durability requirements of sand to be used as subgrade and base courses for rail track and road construction respectively. Advantages and problems associated with soil stabilization using chemicals have also been briefly discussed in this report. It has been confirmed that ordinary Portland cement is an effective chemical stabilizer to improve both the index and strength properties of soils, however, the optima percentage of cement contents are varied from a soil type to another. In addition, further research has to be carried out as the percentage of cement content varies from region to region and from soil characteristics to another. This is necessary so as to determine the optimum percentage of cement content that would yield the desired subgrade CBR values with some other index properties to meet the specified requirements in any selected design manual.


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