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Building AI for good, By the People, For the People


Mr. Rudradeb Mitra

Omdena is a global platform where AI engineers & enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds collaborate to solve complex social problems. We are:

1. Creating opportunities for all: Online education has given access to knowledge to people even in remote parts of the world but not to opportunities.

2. Building AI for good: We believe the biggest value of AI is to solve social problems helping people at the bottom of the pyramid, but not much is done despite people talking about it.

3. Incentivizing collaboration rather than competition. And people learn a lot. What people say about Omdena.

4. Building Ethical AI: We believe involving a global community from different backgrounds will help us to build ethical AI solutions.

In 5 months since we started, over 350 AI enthusiasts and engineers from 54 countries participated in challenges like fighting hunger, sexual harassment, conflicts, PTSD, Gang violence working with organizations like UN Refugee Agency, UN World Food Program, Safecity, etc.


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