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Bitcoin is the Future of Money (Blockchain is the Future of Humanity)


Chris Dos Santos

Blockchains  are  a  relative  new  concept  that  started  out  when  Bitcoin  and  the  original Whitepaper  came  out,  in  fact,  Satoshi  Nakamoto’s  Whitepaper  didn’t  even  mention  the  word Blockchain, so how did this even became a thing?

Blockchains are (most of them) ledgers that distribute data usually in a decentralised and public  form,  that  means  that  once  the  information  is  registered,  theoretically  it  cannot  be manipulated  or  altered  which  makes  a  great  use  for  data  management  such  as  logistics,  health records, and of course Money!

Bitcoin is not only the first Blockchain created, it was the first use of this technology and the first  successful  implementation.  Now  governments,  companies,  and  regular  people  from  any country, social class or economic background can access financial services that are not tied up to a government or backed by a commodity.

Bitcoin is not owned by anything or anybody which makes it a perfect tool for economic autonomy and the separation of governments and money. Blockchains will record and storage the world’s data so we can finally move to a digital world.


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