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Birth Information as a tool for Cyber Crime


Adebayo Adedapo Emmanuel


 Privacy is a major concern for governments, corporate organizations and individuals and emergence of digitized methods for the storage of information has pushed man-kind into the 21st Century and also has brought about the need for data privacy and confidentiality. Cyber crime began to take off in early 2000’s when social media came to life and usage of internet resources allows for a user to disclose information in certain contexts, while the information remains protected and it’s uses remains limited by an obligation to maintain confidentiality. Re-searchers and other controllers and processors of person-al data have to protect the personal information from un-authorized access as the date of birth collected as part of personal information can pose a great risk to the privacy rights of a user and increase the rate of Identity theft. This research is based on collection of personal informa-tion from 300 users (age 22-60), using numerological ap-proach. The information collected from every user was analyzed by reducing the date of birth of each user to a numerical value which in turn gives a life path number and the life path number revealed who the user is, their deepest values and some of their life challenges. From the analysis of the data, 258 users confirmed that the result was very accurate,23 users said it’s somewhat accurate, 12 users are not sure(50/50), 3 user said its inaccurate and there are 4 void result. The results of the analysis carried out on the user data provides proof that the provision of a users birth information posses a great threat to the privacy and safety of a user and also instrumental in cyber crime and social engineering process.


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