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BER Performance of OFDM System in Noise and Fading Channel for Modified SL0 Sparse Algorithm


Mahind U and Kadam M

In many communication systems, OFDM is extensively useful to reduce the bandwidth and for its enhancement ability of the data rate. In this paper, shows a comparison of the overall performance of OFDM system using different modulation schemes under the effect of AWGN channel. For OFDM signals, simulations are carried out with Rician fading as well as Rayleigh faded signal to recognize the effect of channel fading and to acquire optimum value of Bit Error rate (BER). In this paper, we proposed modified SL0 (mSL0) algorithm for sparse channel estimation in modern wireless communication system. We deal with simple OFDM system model for wireless communications. We address basic OFDM and related modulations, as well as techniques to improve the performance of existing SL0 algorithm for wireless communications. In this paper, the BER performance of OFDM-BPSK, QPSK and M-QAM system over generalized AWGN channel has been stated. This model is versatile enough to represent fading such Rician and Rayleigh. The flexibility of this model helps to analyse the severity of fading more deeply. We executed various simulations for OFDM signals to find out the best BER overall performance which are carried with generalized faded signal to understand the effect of channel fading.


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