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Assessment of Tumor Parameters as Factors of Aggressiveness in Colon Cancer


Ana-Maria Todosi, Ionut Huțanu, Mihaela Mădălina Gavrilescu, Mihaela Moscalu, Dan Ferariu and Viorel Scripcariu

Background: Colorectal cancer is a major public health problem worldwide. Tumor volume associated with the number of positive lymph nodes may be a new predictor of 5-year survival in colon cancer.

Material and Methods: We conducted a retrospective study of a prospective database that included all patients diagnosed with colon cancer (CC) between May 2012 and September 2013 in the Surgical Oncology Clinic of the Iasi Regional Cancer Institute. The patients underwent surgical resection and two tumor sizes were recorded. Tumor characteristics and their potential role in tumor aggressiveness were analyzed.

Results: The study group included 138 patients, of which 38 (27.54%) with metastases and 100 (72.46%) without metastases. Maximum tumor diameter showed significant differences depending on the degree of differentiation and histological type, and was significantly correlated with the total number of evaluated and positive lymph nodes (p=0.009 and p=0.00, respectively). Tumor volume was influenced by male gender (p=0.0404), tumor stage (p=0.0192), and type of tumor invasion (p=0.0159) in 23.02 % of cases (p=0.02809). Maximum tumor diameter and tumor volume had poor discriminatory power in predicting survival.

Conclusions: A statistically significant association was found between the metastatic group and advanced disease stages. Maximum tumor diameter and tumor volume could not predict overall survival of patients.


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