Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

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Assessment of Practice of GNM Students on STD/AIDS in Karnataka


AR. Bharathi*

Since nursing students would become future practicing nurses and are most likely exposed to caring for people living with HIV/AIDS (PL WHA) during their training, it is of great importance to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practice of student nurses toward the reduction/ removal of HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination. The design selected for this study was a Cross sectional Descriptive study design. The sample size of the present study compressed of 1000 from ten different schools of nursing. Only final year of diploma nursing students from each of four zones (e.g.: North, East, West & South) in Bangalore, Karnataka District. Non-probability purposive sampling technique was used for selecting sample for this study. Practice, It shows, majority 59.0% of them were moderate level of practice, and those who had poor practice were 34.2% and 6.8% had adequate practice. This association is compared to the level of practice, majority of them were moderately significant, adequate practice was significantly less. So, they have to practice more at clinical. The stated research hypotheses (H3) are not accepted.


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