Mental Disorders and Treatment

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Assessing Awareness, Beliefs and Attitudes of Population towards Psychiatric Diseases in Al-Ahsa City: Cross Sectional Study


AlShamlan AA

Objective: To obtain information about basic knowledge towards mental disorders, what they think their causes are, to evaluate public attitudes towards mental disorders, from which they recommend to seek help if needed and what kind of treatment they consider appropriate.
Population and method: This study is a questionnaire-based survey. The questionnaire language was Arabic language. The target population was varying in age, sex and socio-demographic background.
Result: A total of 210 participants about 45.7% were aged <25 and all of population lived in Al-Ahasa city. About 45.7% (n=96) rated as parent-child interactions as most important risk factor, 84% of respondents considered psychiatrist as a more frequent source of sufficient information about mental health problems, 30.5% of respondents had misunderstanding for define schizophrenia. Stigma still exists in relation to mental health. Nevertheless, 44.8% disagree about people knowing about if they themselves were experiencing mental health problems
Conclusion: According the results populations have good attitudes and beliefs but have poor knowledge about mental health problems.


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