Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology

ISSN: 0974-7230

Open Access

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based on Eccentricities


Santiago Esteva*, Albert Figueras and Josep Llluís De la Rosa

Into the highest level of invention or discovery, we find that many of humanity's advances have been achieved by eccentricities of its author, where he has tried to imagine or create something different from what can be generated by deduction, imitation or reasoning, which they are already elaborate forms of intelligence. In this work is proposed to join one last layer after the abstracting information of the data of the process, and the first level of the intelligence, like NN, any classification methods, reasoning etc., a new layer of the analysis of this information to search some matching with the eccentricities proposed, this can produce one result that can be seen as a great level of intelligence if this is according to the hypothesis. The premises and viability are also analyzed to be viable the proposed hypothesis.


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