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Aqueous Extract of Bombax ceiba Young Roots Prolongs Glucose, Sucrose and Starch Absorption from Intestine of Normal Rats


Maruf-ul-Islam, Md Hasibul Hasan Joarder, Koushik Ahamed, Md Ben Yameen, Rokshana Sharmin, AHM Khurshid Alam and Ariful Islam

The aim of the study to investigate the effect of Aqueous Extract of B. ceiba Young Roots (AEBCYR) on the absorption of carbohydrates (mono-, di-, and poly-saccharide) from the intestine in healthy rats. Eighty healthy Long Evans rats were randomly assigned into eight groups (n=10 per group). The systemic absorption of carbohydrates was examined after loading a mixture of carbohydrates separately with AEBCYR in the ratio of 3:2 by using a glucometer. Furthermore, the sGPT and sGOT levels were determined by a semi bio-analyzer. Evaluations were based on a significance level of p<0.05. Aqueous extract of B. ceiba young roots (G-AEBCYR) solution inhibited glucose absorption up to 90 min and the glucose level was found to be 3.2 ± 0.22 mmol/L. Similarly, Suc- AEBCYR and Sta- AEBCYR solutions inhibited sucrose and starch absorption up to 120 and 180 min, and the reduction of glucose level was 39.22% and 56.37%, respectively, when compared with the standard CMC solution. On the other hand, the CMC mixed glucose (G-CMC), sucrose (Suc-CMC), and starch (Sta-CMC) solutions inhibited the maximum glucose absorption up to 60, 90, 120 min. Also, the AEBCYR reduced the hepatotoxicity by detecting the decreased levels of sGPT and sGOT compared to the CMC. Phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of fibers, alkaloid. Our results indicate that the AEBCYR delays carbohydrate absorption from the intestine of normal rats. It also showed a remarkable decrease of sGPT and sGOT levels, which indicates hepatoprotective activity.


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