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An Educational Intervention to Improve the Caregivers' Understanding of the SBAR Tool used for Patient Handover during Hospital Transfer Processes


Mohammad Salem

Objective: This study sought to determine the impact of educational intervention on the caregivers’ understanding of the SBAR tool used during the patients’ handover practices by utilizing a quasi-experimental design.

Methods: This quantitative study was conducted within the Transfer Center of a tertiary care hospital in Abu Dhabi. In a quasi-experimental design, the researcher collected data in two separate phases using a borrowed questionnaire. The first phases, pretest, was administered to all the 40 participants within the first week of July, 2018 to assess their knowledge levels regarding the use of SBAR communication tool during patient handover practices. Subsequently, the educational training was offered to all the 40 participants before administering the posttest on the first week of August 2018.

Results: Descriptive data analysis showed that majority of the participants had ages of between 30 and 49. 72.5% of the participants had over four years of experience and with a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Further comparative analysis using ANOVA descriptive statics showed mean score of 57.4% in pretest and 94% in posttest. Chi-Square analysis of the impact of the various demographic factors and educational intervention on the participants’ scores showed a statically significant (p<.05) impact of the educational training on the posttest scores.

Conclusion: The educational intervention had a significant improvement on the caregivers’ understanding and use of the SBAR tool as used during patient handover practices. It is also apparent that most caregivers do not possess sufficient skills an understanding necessary for effective use of the SBAR communication tool as used during patient handovers and should thus be given further training.


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