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Aloe dhufarensis - Anitoxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties


Neelam Sherwani

Aloe dhufarensis Lavranos a threatened species, is a near endemic to Southern Dhofar province of Oman and neighbouring eastern Yemen. Aloe dhufarensis is the most xerophytic of all the Aloe species found in Oman, this evergreen succulent stemless perennial, locally called Subr or Sakkal is known for centuries in Oman for its medicinal values, but the pharmacological effects of this important species have not been fully explored. This research was undertaken to validate the traditional use of Aloe dhufarensis in wound healing, to treat diabetes, fever and headache. The phyto-constituents, total phenoilcs, total flavonoid content, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activity of Aloe dhufarensis was evaluated.  In the present findings considerable antioxidant potential was depicted by the methanolic extracts of  Aloe dhufarensis, the leaf extracts exhibited considerable  DPPH scavenging activity ( IC50 value of 83.46 μg/ml), a strong hydrogen peroxide scavenging activity (IC50 value of  289.786 μg/ml) and a high total antioxidant capacity (256 ± 1.4 mg AAE/ g). The total phenolic content and the total flavonoid content was observed to be 452±3.2 mg GAE/ g and 44.16 ± 0.9 mg of QE/g of dry extract.  Leaf extract displayed significant protein denaturation inhibition and a marked anti-proteinase activity.


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