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Advanced Dental Education 2019: Association of ABO blood group and Rh factor with chronic periodontitis in patients visiting a tertiary care centre in Eastern Nepal: A cross sectional study - Sajeev Shrestha - BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences


Sajeev Shrestha

The relationship between certain foundational sicknesses and ABO blood bunch has just been entrenched. Notwithstanding, contemplates are deficient with regards to which look for the connection between ABO blood gathering and periodontitis. Accordingly, the current investigation expects to assess the relationship of ABO blood gathering and Rh factor with ongoing periodontitis.

A sum of 317 ongoing periodontitis subjects matured between 30 - 55 years visiting the branch of Periodontology and Oral Implantology were selected for an examination by purposive example strategy. Constant periodontitis was conclusion when there was a presence of at least 3 teeth with at least 1 locales with examining pocket profundity (PD) > 3 mm and with clinical connection (CA) misfortune ≥1 mm. Patients with CA loss of 1-2 mm were ordered as mellow periodontitis, 3-4 mm CA misfortune as moderate and ≥5 mm of CA misfortune as extreme periodontitis. The clinical boundaries inspected were plaque record (PI), (PD) and (CA) misfortune. The patient's blood bunch was controlled by slide agglutination strategy. Result: The occurrence of mellow periodontitis in blood bunch A, B, AB, and O was 41%, 30%, 16 %, and 12.2 %, individually. Essentially, the rate of moderate/serious periodontitis in blood bunch A, B, AB, and O was 25.6%, 36.1%, 18%, and 30%, individually. End: The gentle kind of periodontitis was higher in patients with blood bunch A while the moderate/serious periodontitis was higher in blood bunch B.

Periodontal illness contains a heterogenous gathering of irresistible sickness that lead to pathologic decimation of the periodontium. It is notable that periodontal sickness can shift as for bacterial ethology, have reaction and clinical illness movement. Although distinctions exist among the different kinds of periodontal infection, all offer the basic attribute of complex host – bacterial cooperation’s and the sickness beginning, and movement mirror the periodontal tissue.

In spite of the fact that microorganisms are the primary driver of the incendiary periodontal illness, there is expanding proof that it is an ongoing safe fiery reaction related with ecological impact, different host factors, for example, diabetes, smoking and hereditary inclination. It has been assessed that under 20% of the inconstancy in periodontal sickness seriousness can be ascribed to the amount of explicit microscopic organisms found in infection related plaque. All things considered, a critical part for hereditary impacts has been proposed.

In 1900, Landsteiner originally portrayed the presence of serologic distinction among people, and arranged individuals into four gatherings relying upon whether their RBC cell film contained agglutinogen ( antigens) "A," agglutinogen "B," neither A nor B (bunch 0) or both An and B ( bunch AB).

Albeit human populace has a similar blood framework, they vary in the frequencies of explicit sorts. A few varieties may happen in various regions inside one nation. For example It was accounted for that Group O was discovered to be more normal in India in spite of the fact that reviews have detailed that bunch B was regular in Northern India while Group O was more common in South India.

Unlike other blood composing frameworks, the ABO blood framework has essentialness past bonding and transplantation, for instance it decides huge numbers of the immunological qualities of the body. Blood bunch A people have been accounted for to be more inclined to bother stones, colitis and tumours of salivary glands, pancreas just as ovary. Subjects with Blood bunch A, O and non-O were discovered to be more inclined for Cardiovascular diseases. During most recent couple of many years a few reports have proposed that ABO blood gatherings, specifically non-O blood gatherings, are related with the danger of ischemic coronary illness and of creating extreme sign of atherosclerosis. Results from the Framingham study and a few different reports showed the event of ischemic coronary illness may be higher in subjects with blood bunch A. Satiates found that blood bunch B may be identified with coronary atherosclerosis in Lithuanian ladies.

Albeit a few examinations have been completed to explore the connection between ABO blood gathering and occurrence of sickness in medication, restricted exploration has been made to research the connection between ABO blood gatherings and rate of oral infections. Hardly any analysts asserted that there was a connection though some others could not discover any, which was ascribed, to topographical variety in the populace.

Keywords: agglutination, clinical connection misfortune, periodontitis, plaque, pocket profundity.


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