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A Study to Assess the Knowledge of Road Safety Measures among School Childrens in Selected School at Guduvancherry Chennai


AR. Bharathi

Road traffic accidents are one of the main causes of death and injury to children of school age. Accidents tragically are often due to ignorance, carelessness, thought lessens and overconfidence. The consequences of accidents affect seriously the children’s health and growth, interferes in their study and future. Objectives: To assess the knowledge regarding road safety measures among these school children. Methods: The total sample size for this study is 30 school students. They used descriptive research design, & Purposive sampling technique was used. Inclusion Criteria: Students who are studying in VI, VII, VIII classes. Inclusion Criteria: Students who are aware about the road safety measures, & those who are not present during the time of data collection. Results: Majority of the school children 14 (46.6%) are having the mode of transportation to school by walk. Majority of school children 13 (43.3%) are having distance of travel from home to school. Findings related to knowledge of road safety measures. According to knowledge level of school children 23 (76.6%) had adequate knowledge. According to association between knowledge and demographic variable there is a significant association between age and gender.


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