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A Pilot Study to Test Feasibility the Effect Structured Education Program in Patients with Diabetes Kidney Disease


Chin-Ru Li, Ting-Wen Chia and Chien-Ning Huang*

Background: Multidisciplinary team and education programs need to be set up for the treatment of complications
related to diabetes.
Purpose: We aimed to test a structured educational intervention coordinated by diabetes nurse educator to
improve self-management of diabetes in people with diabetic kidney disease.
Methods: Patients were randomly assigned to the control group to receive standard clinical management of
diabetes with kidney disease or intervention group to receive the structured education. The primary endpoint was the
change of renal function and metabolic parameters at 6th month.
Results: The control of HbA1c to level of <7% was achieved in 40% and 10% in intervention and control group,
respectively. The percentage of achieving low-density lipoprotein cholesterol < 100 mg/dl increased by 31.25% and
6.25% in intervention and control group, respectively. The percentage of achieving systolic blood pressure to <130
mmHg was also increased. At 6 months, 30% attained 3 targets in intervention group, whereas 10% attained 3 targets
in the control group. Intervention group significantly improved urine albuminuria status, regression of macro- or
microabuminuria to normoalbuminuria occurred in 31.25% and 11.25% in intervention and control group, respectively.
Conclusion: Type 2 diabetes with diabetes kidney disease receiving a structure education program delivered
by diabetes educator team is more likely to attain multiple treatment targets, by accepting treatment changes, and
improved their self-care behaviors.


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