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A Descriptive Study of Nurses' Happiness at Shahid Sadoughi Hospital,Iran


Fatima Rahighee

Background: Happiness is known as one of the most important mental needs of human. Nursing is one of the stressful jobs in healthcare facing many occupational stressors. Happiness is beneficial in reducing stress and adjusting to the environment. Regarding this fact, this study was conducted to evaluate happiness in nurses in a general hospital. Methods: In this descriptive cross-sectional study, the subjects included 73 randomly selected nurses at Shahid Sadoughi Hospital. Data were gathered using Fordyce happiness scale and demographic questions. Descriptive statistics, mean, standard deviation and t-test were used to statistically analyze the data. Results: The mean value of happiness was 68 ± 0.37. There was no significant correlation between happiness and demographic characteristics such as age (P=0.81), gender (P=0.24), marital status (P=0.36), job history (P=0.62), and educational level (P=0.63). However, the relationship between happiness and workplace was significant (P=0.045). Conclusion: According to the results of this study, happiness could not be generalized to all the nurses, however, nurses were shown to have a good state of happiness while it was affected by their workplace. Health care providers should be concerned about the personnel happiness and provide proper interventions in order to alleviate mental health problems among the nurses, especially those working in intensive care units.


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