Journal of Clinical Research

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A Commentary on Neuropathology of Pituitary Adenomas and Sellar Lesions


Peter J Kobalka

The pituitary gland can give rise to varied pathological processes, both neoplastic and inflammatory. Among these, the vast majority of tumors are pituitary neuroendocrine neoplasms (PitNETs), originating from the anterior pituitary lobe2. Proper classification and evaluation of these neoplasms is essential to provide proper patient management. Historically, classification relied on rather arbitrary stratification based on differences in staining with H&E3. Immunohistochemistry assay staining for pituitary hormones is now fundamental in elucidating the nature of these neoplasms, as well as newer transcription factor markers. Transcription factors illuminate cell lineage into acidophilic lineage (somatotrophs, lactotrophs, thyrotrophs), corticotroph lineage, and gonadotroph lineage.


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