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A Challenge for AI-based engagement funds


Mr. Osamu Miyashita

J-Phoenix Research, Inc. (JPR) is a subsidiary of Scala Inc., which is listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange, and JPR is advising an AI-based engagement fund (AI-fund) operated by Scala, Inc. The AI - fund focuses the value creation opportunities of the undervalued companies by using various AI tools appropriate to the opportunities. For identifying the opportunities systematically, we use a consulting framework of GCC ManangementTM[1] which we believe is the most important key concept for the success of running our AI-fund. GCC ManangementTM is a concept of systematizing shareholder value and employee happiness with three elements, “Growth, Connection and Confidence”, which are simple and easy to understand by everyone, including employee, AI engineer, CxOs, and professional investors and provide a consistent framework of “value judgement criteria” for AI tools. We try to illustrate how GCC ManangementTM works in this report



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