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A Cephalometric Study of Relationship of Anterior Teeth to Incisive Papilla, Mucolabial Reflections and A-Pogonion Line in Dentulous Subjects and In Complete Denture Wearers


Venus Sidana, Neeta Pasricha, Sonia Nanda* and Navneet Mann

Facial appearance influences the social acceptance and psychological well-being of an individual. Prosthodontic treatment restores the lost support. Regardless of judgment and technical ability the dentist can place the artificial teeth more correctly if some natural stable landmarks are available to guide. In this study, lateral cephalograms were used to determine the relation of anterior teeth to incisive papilla, mucolabial reflections and A-Pogonion line in dentulous subjects and in complete denture wearers.

The results of this study indicate that within dentulous subjects there is no significant difference in the horizontal or vertical relationship of anterior teeth with various landmarks such as incisive papilla, mucolabial reflections and A-Pog line, irrespective of age group. In complete denture wearer, the dentures which were constructed to esthetic and phonetic sense of dentist, there is not much variation in labiolingual position of anterior teeth, as compared to the natural teeth; however, there was slight increase in the vertical measurement from the denture borders to the tips of maxillary and mandibular incisors.


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