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77 Cases of Treating Parkinson’s Disease by Eaulier Systemic Current Treatment Method


Cheung Chun Luke*

Objective: To observe the curative effect of Eaulier systemic current treatment method on Parkinson's disease.

Methods: The treatment of 77 patients with primary Parkinson's disease from September 2013 to December 2018 was treated with Eaulier systemic current treatment method, to observe the changes of symptoms and signs, such as quiescent tremor, rigidity, slow movement, abnormal posture and gait, facial expression, fine movement of hand, insomnia, constipation and so on. The curative effect was evaluated according to symptoms, signs and Webster scores. The data were processed by statistics, t-test was used for measuring data and X2-test was used for counting data. The difference was significant when P<0.05.

Results: After treatment, the symptoms and signs of resting tremor, stiffness, and retardation of movement, abnormal posture and gait, rigid facial expression, inflexible fine movements of hands, insomnia and constipation were significantly improved. Among them, ADL level was significantly improved, with the levels of 70.65 ± 7.11 and 88.87 ± 8.67 before and after treatment, respectively (P< 0.01), and MMSE were 24.43 ± 1.42 and 25.56 ± 1.63 before and after treatment, respectively (P< 0.05). Wechsler's comprehensive assessment was 15.78 ± 2.76 and 8.47 ± 1.81 before and after treatment (P<0.01), and the Hamilton Depression Scale was 49.77 ± 5.37 and 48.96 ± 5.68 before and after treatment (P>0.05). The symptoms and signs of stiff countenance inflexibility of fine hand movements, insomnia and constipation were improved obviously.

Conclusion: Eaulier systemic current treatment method has a good effect on Parkinson's disease with no side effects. The method is simple and feasible, and it is worth popularizing to application.


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