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60-Year-Old Male with Foot Gangrene in Bleeding in Toes: A Case Report


Prity R Singh*, Shakib H Sheikh and Ashish Bhagat

Introduction: Gangrene is a term used to describe dead or dying body tissue that occurs when the tissue's local blood supply is lost or insufficient to keep it alive. Since ancient times, gangrene has been recognized as a localized area of tissue death. The term gangrene was coined by the Greeks to describe the putrefaction (death) of tissue. Although many people think of gangrene as a disease that affects the feet, it is a disease that affects the whole body. Clinical Finding: Following a physical examination and investigation, a case of foot gangrene with bleeding in the toes was found, and the patient was treated with antibiotics and analgesics to relieve the discomfort. Fever is treated with an antipyretic medication. Therapeutic intervention: Present case to medical management with a case of foot gangrene in bleeding in toes, antipyretics give such Tab. Paracetamol 500 mg BD, Tramodol.5mg in 100 ml NSBD, Penicillin 250 mg BD, Inj. Pan 40mg OD. Nursing Perspectives: Administered fluid replacement i.e., DNS and NS. Monitor the Vital signs and check the B.P hourly. Maintain the intake and output chart and provide adequate rest and sleep to the patient. Administer medication as per the doctor ordered. Conclusion: The patient was admitted to A.V.B.R. Hospital with a Chief complaint of fever, weight loss, bleeding in toes, pain in toes, irritability, insomnia. a patient takes all treatment with proper medication.


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