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3G Wireless Network Optimization


Bonsi WY

The importance of wireless communication cannot be overlooked in this modern day of sophisticated communication world. Certainly, like any other technology, wireless communication has major challenges, most of which tremendously affect our daily conversations. This research is focused on wireless network optimization specifically on the Code Division Multiplexing Access (CDMA) technology. Emphasis will be on the importance of optimization and the various strategies adopted to optimize a wireless network. The beginning part of the research contains a comprehensive introduction of wireless optimization and specifically touched on its definition as well as the most essential aspect of its application in the wireless network. The research explicitly identified important Key performance indicators which usually monitors the performance of the wireless network. Also, in order to solve wireless network deficiencies, several approaches are used to achieve this goal. The research touched on these approaches and described how exactly they are applied to optimize a network. Wireless optimization is mainly achieved with the use of special tools such as drive test tools. As part of the research, the most important tools were identified as well as their applications. Additionally, a broad analysis was made on some common wireless issues as well as strategies adopted to resolve them. Some of the common problems identified include: handoff issues, call failure issues PN planning issues, Neighbor list planning issues as well as pilot pollution issues. Furthermore, in order to better understand the optimization in the practical sense, a case study was analyzed by comparing specific samples of results gathered before and after optimization. The results clearly demonstrated that wireless optimization improves wireless performance tremendously, which goes to attest to the fact that, the end results have a positive impact on subscribers and the composite society at large with tremendous benefits ranging from financial to great customer satisfaction.


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