Journal of Trauma & Treatment

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Volume 9, Issue 1 (2020)

    Short Communication Pages: 451 - 452

    Timing of Tertiary Survey in Multi-Trauma Patient: Before or After 24 Hours?

    Winkle B1 and Nair L2

    DOI: --

    The Tertiary Trauma survey has proven to reduce the incidence of missed injuries in the complex, multi-trauma
    patient. There is currently no clear guideline on when a TTS should be performed. Most guidelines suggest within 24
    hours of admission; however there is currently no evidence on whether this is appropriate or whether this should be
    delayed till after 24 hours. We present a review of the current literature surrounding this issue.

    Mini Review Pages: 453 - 454

    Stage of Respiration During Removal of Intercostal Catheters: A Review of Physiology and Literature

    Winkle B1* and Nair L2

    DOI: --

    Insertion of an Intercostal Catheter (ICC) is an accepted treatment for a pneumothorax (primary, secondary,
    traumatic or iatrogenic), haemothorax, pleural effusion or post thoracic surgery. Reinsertion of an ICC is the most
    common complication of removal, primarily due to recurrence of a pneumothorax. There are many guidelines for
    when to remove an ICC and criteria that must be met to reduce incidence of recurrent pneumothorax. However there
    is a significant lack of discussion regarding the exact procedure to remove an ICC, with specific focus on the stage
    of breathing required.

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