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Surgery for Spine Disease and Intractable Pain (2021)

    Research Article Pages: 1 - 6

    Intradiscal Ozone Therapy in Lumbar Discogenic Pain

    Norbery J Rodriguez de La Paz, Duniel Abreu Casas, Leniel Laud Rodriguez

    Lower back pain is one of the health problems that most afflict adults worldwide. It is estimated between 40-70% of adult population seek medical help at some point in their lives. Because the existence of a large number of patients who do not respond to conventional pharmacological treatment, percutaneous procedures with intradiscal ozone are beginning to be used, obtaining good results.

    Mini Review Pages: 1 - 4

    Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion and Neuromonitoring: A Concise Report

    Nimesha Cheruku

    Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion (LLIF) is a widely used minimally invasive approach providing access to the disc space for interbody fusion via a lateral approach to the spine. The benefits of this procedure include shorter hospital stay and recovery time with minimal blood loss. As the approach for this procedure involves cutting through the psoas muscle, the greatest risk is to the lumbar plexus and femoral nerve which pass through the muscle. The most common post op deficits are hip flexion weakness due to quadriceps weakness and decrease in anterior thigh sensation. Intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) using a multi-modality approach has been shown to reduce the risk of neural injury and minimize post op deficits. Though Free run or Spontaneous Electromyography (SpEMG) and triggered EMG are commonly used during these procedures, the IONM protoc ol must be expanded to include Somatosensory Evoked Potentials (SSEP) from Saphenous nerve on the surgical side, peroneal nerve on the non-surgical side in addition to Ulnar and Posterior Tibial Nerve SSEP, Motor Evoked Potentials (MEP) from at least two muscles of the quadriceps and adductors in addition to the other lower lumbar muscles.

    Research Article Pages: 1 - 5

    Surgical Results of Lumbar Canal Recalibration by Modified Senegas Technique

    Norbery J Rodriguez de La Paz, Mikail Salle, Duniel Abreu Casas, Orestes López Piloto

    The aim of recalibration of the lumbar canal using the Senegas technique guarantees stability and preserves movement, with a considerable reduction in surgical risk and faster incorporation into daily life. Objective: To evaluate the surgical results of recalibration of the lumbar canal using the modified Senegas technique.

    Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

    Spinal Cord Injury Techniques

    Diana D Cardenas

    Spinal rope injury (SCI) is a genuine ailment, which frequently brings about extreme dismalness and lasting handicap. It happens when the axons of nerves going through the spinal rope are disturbed, prompting loss of engine and tactile capacity underneath the degree of injury. Injury is generally the consequence of a significant injury, and essential injury is frequently irreversible. These wounds are especially exorbitant and crippling as they excessively influence patients under 30-years of age, lead to huge useful weakness for the rest of the person's life, and put the person in danger for various complexities prompting expanded dismalness and mortality. SCI is assessed to have a lifetime financial effect of 2 to 4 billion dollars. SCI results from introductory affront, for example, mechanical powers to it, which is known as the essential injury.

    Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

    Arthroplasty in Cervical Spine Techniques

    Timothy B Alton

    Cervical fake plate substitution medical procedure is a joint substitution strategy that includes embeddings a fake circle, for example, the PRESTIGE® Cervical Disk, between the vertebrae to supplant a characteristic spinal circle after it has been taken out. This prosthetic gadget is intended to keep up movement in the treated vertebral portion. Cervical counterfeit plate a medical procedure is a kind of joint substitution strategy, or arthroplasty, which includes embeddings a cervical fake circle into the intervertebral space after a characteristic cervical circle has been removed.A cervical fake circle is a prosthetic gadget intended to keep up movement in the treated vertebral section

    Volume 10, Issue 11 (2021)

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