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Varieties of Labor Courts: Is there a Best Model?

Susan Corby*


DOI: 10.37421/2223-5833.2021.s5.001

This article focuses on labor courts, most of which are ‘mixed’ in that a professional judge sits with lay judges. It traces the organization and operation of these courts in several countries, finding considerable variation. It also examines a range of criteria to determine labor court effectiveness. It concludes that effectiveness depends on the perception of the stakeholder and also on the criterion that is adopted: a labor court that scores highly on one criterion, May not do so on another. Accordingly, there is no best model.

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Law, Business and Recapturing Innovations

Arvind Ashta*


DOI: 10.37421/2223-5833.2021.s5.002

For some time now, I have been studying law and business development. I have noted that, by and large, the relationship between regulation and business development has been conservative. First, businesses do not like rapid changes in laws till they can study the effect that the new law would have on their business. Second, an absence of legislation permits experimentation but can be risky. Third, a lack of appropriate legislation can also act as brakes to the diffusion of innovation since entrepreneurs are wary of regulatory voids. Fourth, if an innovation creates adverse social changes and stress. Defensive regulation may create or destroy industries. For the businessman caught unaware, this is like a black swan or a high-impact low-probability event. Fifth, rather than wait for the legislator to take such drastic action, it is in the interest of business to create an image of fairness and transparency. Therefore, by and large, the firms and policy-makers are conservative.

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Rethinking the Design Principles of Support Systems for Deep Tech Ventures

Jana Thiel* and Bart Clarysse


DOI: 10.37421/2223-5833.2021.s5.003

Starting on the premise that the creation of deep tech ventures is a complex and multi-faceted process, we explore in this review essay important principles to consider when designing support systems to incubate or accelerate deep tech ventures. While many contemporary entrepreneurial support systems cater specifically to the creation of digital start-ups, we know little about the mechanisms that affect important outcomes like investor readiness and attractiveness in the context of deep-tech ventures, i.e. ventures that commercialize early-stage technological innovations and scientific breakthroughs. We summarize the current insight into key learning activities in such ventures and their relation to the lean startup-inspired model of support programs, which currently dominate entrepreneurial ecosystems. Building on recent empirical findings on typical learning activities in deep tech ventures and outcomes patterns, we derive two important design principles that will need to be considered when structuring venture support systems. Contrary to the dominant lean start accelerator model, we suggest that deep tech acceleration and incubation programs will want to consider a loose-coupling in two dimensions: (1) technology from customer problems, in order to build broader application portfolios, and (2) time from outcome milestones, i.e. allow for variation in pace. These insights offer an important starting point for the practice of designing venture support systems, fitted to the specific knowledge context of an entrepreneurial project.


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The Effect of CEO Speech and his Attributes on Corporate Identity and Stakeholder’s Perception

Rajesh Srivastava*


DOI: 10.37421/2223-5833.2021.s5.004

The main purpose of the paper seeks to investigate how the content of CEO speech and his attributes give the correct identity and image of CEO in the mind of stakeholder. It is a qualitative exploratory study. In total, three, speeches each of Apple CEO and Pepsi CEO is taken for study. This paper combines qualitative and quantitative analysis to investigate a CEO speech of two global brands-one highly- involved and other being a low- involved brand. The impact of CEO speeches and their attributes on stakeholder perceptions on image and corporate identity through application of meaning transfer theory is a major finding of this study. However, study, also reported that CEO may not influence the perception of the stakeholder for a low involved product like Pepsi compared to Apple- a high involved product. Role of CEO speech, and his attributes analysis on corporate identity and stakeholder perception, as a marketing approach, is a major contribution of this study and is explained through meaning transfer theory in emerging markets.

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Online Searching: Shopper Behavior in Tamil Nadu

Selvaraj Narayanan*


DOI: 10.37421/2223-5833.2021.s5.005

Nowadays Ecommerce may be a locution in Indian society and it's become an integral a part of our everyday life. There square measure websites providing any range of products and services. in theory it's additional convenient to shop for product on-line thanks to its versatile nature, however in Asian nation the adoption rate of the technology is considerably totally different from different nations owing to the country’s distinctive social and economic characteristics. Asian nation has various culture and extreme disparities of financial gain. The net searching helps them to buy the required product or service from their home or workplace. It additionally helps them to avoid wasting time and cash through on-line searching facilities. AN increasing range and style of companies and organizations square measure exploiting and making business opportunities on the net statistics indicate the repaid growth within the field of virtual searching. A pre-test is conducted among forty sample respondents of Tamil Nadu. Observations square measure created on the individual variations within the numerous parts of shopper behaviour. For measure the perception of the respondents 9 things were used. The one sample take a look at examines whether or not the mean of one study variable differs from a pre nominal constant. The complexities and security problems encompassing e-payments of on-line selling could increase; so on-line retailers will source the payment process work to firms providing secure e- payment solutions. The govt ought to give cheap and high speed net access to the folks across the country and therefore the on-line marketers ought to use innovative and approachable advertisement methods to draw in customers towards on-line searching

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