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Approach of Information Provision for High Resolution Production Control

Christina Reuter, Felix Brambring and Thomas Hempel

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Production information is essential for controlling a company’s production. The awareness and targeted use of data is decisive for constant and positive enhancements of a company. At the moment, many manufacturing companies are still at the very beginning of collecting and using data gathered during production processes. The cost-benefit ratio of the various steps on the way to a high resolution production control is not clear at all. To overcome the hesitation of many small and medium-sized companies in collecting and using more data from their production, migration paths with an explicit focus on the cost-benefit ratio of decisions have to be characterized. This approach will ease the way to gain a suitable information level of a production facility for different objectives. The aim of this paper is to present the targeted approach for the efficient provision of production information in order to enable a high resolution production control.

Short Communication

Pages: 1 - 2

The "Speculative" Political Bubble

Fabrizio Pezzani

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Research Article

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Impact of Customer Value, Public Relations Perception and Brand Image on Customer Loyalty in Services Sector of Pakistan

Samar Rahi

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to find an empirical relationship between customer values, Public Relations Perception, Brand Image and to investigate these variables impact on customer loyalty within insurance companies of Pakistan. Significance: This study attempts to contribute the knowledge that, how Services provider companies especially Insurance companies in Pakistan can retain their customers by making them loyal through CV, PRP, and BI. This study is also significant because it extends previous research by examining the role of BI, CV and PRP in services sector of Pakistan. Design/Methodology/Approach: Positivism paradigm used in this study. The sample size selected for research constitutes from 367 respondents and these respondents belongs from two major cities of Pakistan Lahore and Islamabad. All respondents were using insurance services of different companies in Pakistan. Overall deductive approach used for this research. Questionnaire was adopted. Cronbach’s Alpha test used to check the reliability. Multiple regression and correlation coefficient were used to examine hypothesized relationship. Findings: Regression analysis reveals that customer value, Public relation perception, and Brand image bring 58.0% change on customer loyalty. There is a strong positive significant relationship between Public relations perception and customer loyalty. Customer Value and Brand image have also positive and significant impact on customer loyalty. Research Limitations/Implications: Further research is indicated, to identify impact of these variables on other services companies of Pakistan excluding insurance companies. Insurance companies in Pakistan should pay more attention toward the Public relations perception, Customer Value, and Brand image of their company in order to enhance the customer loyalty.

Mini Review

Pages: 1 - 3

A Short Review of SCM in the Arab World√?¬Ę√?‚?¨√?‚?Ęs Organizations, Universities and Research

Yousef Abdulsalam and Mehrdad Tamiz

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The purpose of this paper is to briefly review Supply Chain Management (SCM), as a business discipline, in the Arab world’s academic and industrial environments. With a strong intention by many of the Arab states to diversify their economies, SCM becomes a key facilitator to support emerging industries and local production. SCM education and academic research in the Arab world appear to lag the trend of SCM-enabled business models and strategies of many organizations in the region. In order to support the growing need for SCM knowledge and professionals in the region, universities may need to increase the amount of research and teaching in the SCM discipline.

Research Article

Pages: 1 - 4

Agency Problems, Product Market Competition and Dividend Policies in Pakistan

Muhammad Rizwan Ullah, Safdar Husain Tahir, Muhammad Azam, Ahsan Ali and Iqra Shehzadi

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The present study investigates the influence of product market competition on the dividend policies of the listed companies at KSE 100 index in Pakistan. It identify whether product market competition mitigates agency problems between controlling shareholders and minority shareholders. In particular, we examine firm dividend policies in competitive market, the study use three statistical measures for the analysis of 30 textile firms. The result shows that the product market competition have no significant impact on dividend policies of Pakistan. This study recommends that the product market competition can be an effective tool that can force the managers to give cash to shareholders.

Research Article

Pages: 1 - 4

Students√?¬Ę√?‚?¨√?‚?Ę Understanding of the Job Market and the Resources Available to Them to Land Their First Job: An Example

Stephen A Butler

The purpose of this small scale project was to gain a better understanding of the aspirations of accounting majors. A survey was taken of students in the auditing class which is the last required class for accounting majors. The survey consisted of 15 questions. These questions may be grouped as ones measuring the students’ knowledge of the market for accountants, their regional preference and their use of the available resources to assist in the search for employment. Of the students about one-half indicated that they planned to take the CPA exam and the others did not. For the CMA exam only one-third expected to take the exam. They are aware of the resources available to help them, but they either underutilize or completely ignore them. Many surveys have shown that compensation is the overriding consideration in job choice. In the current survey, proximity to family was equally, if not more, important to the students. For future studies family seems like an interesting variable to include until some understanding about its influence is achieved.

Research Article

Pages: 1 - 6

International Branding Strategies of Global Companies: A Case Study of Sony Ericson

Robert Azuayi

In order for a company to sustain its presence in the market and as well stay very competitive, it is very essential to adopt an effective brand strategy. However, depending on the structure of a global company and the products offered, global companies can adopt product branding, corporate branding or a mixture of the two. In order to reach economies of scale and scope, many global companies standardize their branding. However, global companies are often required to adapt to local preferences and cultures. The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the international branding strategies of global companies. The research addressed the issue of how international branding strategies of global companies can be described. A qualitative case study of Sony Ericsson was conducted. The research showed that global companies use either product brand strategy, or corporate brand strategy. However, there may be mixtures of the two types, as it is in the case of Sony Ericson where the emphasis is on corporate brand. With product branding, a company offers multiple products within different business segments. On the other hand, with corporate brand strategy, the corporate name and the brand are the same.

Opinion Article

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Talent Management among Adolescents in Madurai City

Suganya Varadarajan

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Research Article

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Attitude of Pakistan√?¬Ę√?‚?¨√?‚?Ęs Individual Investor towards Risk during Bull and Bear Markets

Khakan Najaf, Rabia Najaf and Shumraiz Ashraf

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The prime objective of this study is to analysis the individual behavior in both bull and bear markets of Pakistan. In this paper, we have examined the preferences, attitude towards risk and varying market condition. We have taken the data of 100 companies from various sectors. For this purpose the data of four years have been collected. Empirical evidences have shown that we have used the abnormal returns, volatility and systematic risk for the purpose of measure of risk. Due to various behavior biases, the overall individual behaviors are the different. This study is showing that bull and bear behaviors are associated with the Book to market valuation. We are also trying to show that overconfidence has impact on the investment decision. The objectives of this study are 1) To analyze the individuals behavior in the different market condition. 2) In the Bull and Bear market individuals towards risk. 3) impact of overconfidence on the different market situation. This study is the related to bull and bear market of Pakistan. It is limited till four years. In 2007 Karachi stock exchange was high growth it was reached till 14075.84 and with annual return of 33.54%. There have observed the significant effect of overconfidence on the risk attitudes. Our studies have taken the stock market of Karachi. Our study is showing very clearly that investor’s behaviors are different in both markets.

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