COVID-19 & Lung Health

Journal of Lung Diseases & Treatment

ISSN: 2472-1018

Open Access

Special Issue: COVID-19 & Lung Health

COVID-19 was first identified late last year as a cluster of pneumonia cases caused by a new coronavirus. Doctors have since learned that it’s a respiratory disease, one that especially reaches into your respiratory tract, which includes your lungs.

Think of your respiratory tract as an upside-down tree. The trunk is your trachea, or windpipe. It splits into smaller and smaller branches in your lungs. At the end of each branch are tiny air sacs called alveoli. This is where oxygen goes into your blood and carbon dioxide comes out.

The new coronavirus can infect the upper or lower part of your respiratory tract. It travels down your airways. The lining can become irritated and inflamed. In some cases, the infection can reach all the way down into your alveoli.

With this purpose our Journal “Journal of Lung Diseases and Treatment” is announcing Special issue Call for paper on “COVID-19 & Lung Health”. We welcome both solicited and unsolicited submissions that will contribute to this special issue.

Submission process

Special issue articles can include both original unpublished research articles and review articles related to the specific theme

  •  Manuscripts will be accepted for publishing in the special issue only after getting approved by the peer review committee.
  •  All the articles in special issues should strictly adhere to journal style and formatting.
  •  Each special issue can be created with 5-7 articles.
  •  All accepted manuscripts can be submitted online via or send us an e-mail attachment to [email protected]
  •  Submission should be accompanied by a cover letter with reference to the concerned special issue theme.

Please visit Instructions for author page to know more about article formatting and guidelines:


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