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Francisco Prosdocimi

Francisco Prosdocimi

Francisco Prosdocimi
Professor Adjunto Instituto de Bioquímica Médica Av Carlos Chagas 373 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro 21.941-902  
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro


Francisco Prosdocimi is currently a professor and researcher at the Institute of Medical Biochemistry of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Francisco has taught molecular biology disciplines, Cell Biology and Evolutionary Biology for undergraduate students in biological sciences and biomedical sciences at the Catholic University of Brasilia. Francisco is a biologist, Master in Genetics and a PhD in Bioinformatics by UFMG, and work as a postdoctoral fellow in France for a year.

Research Interest

Genomics, Bioinformatics, Molecular Evolution, Phylogenetic Analysis, Molecular Phylogenetics, Evolutionary Biology, Evolutionary Relationships

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