The computational unified field theory (CUFT): The new 21st century physics paradigm

Journal of Lasers, Optics & Photonics

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The computational unified field theory (CUFT): The new 21st century physics paradigm

6th World Congress on Physics

May 13-14, 2019 | Paris, France

Jehonathan Bentwich

BLIS Ltd, Lotem, Israel

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Abstract :

Twenty-first century theoretical physics is undergoing a major paradigmatic shift from the old materialcausal paradigm underlying both Relativity Theory (RT) and Quantum Mechanics (QM) to the new 'A-Causal Computation' (ACC) Paradigm of the 'Computational Unified Field Theory' (CUFT). Indeed, this new ACC paradigm has been shown capable of resolving the principle RT-QM theoretical inconsistency, as well as completely unify the four basic physical features of space, time, energy and mass as secondary computational by-products of a singular high-ordered universal computational principle (UCP) which simultaneously computes every exhaustive spatial pixel in the universe at the incredible rate of "c2/h"=1.36- 50 sec' (giving rise to an extremely rapid series of universal frames). According to this new ACC model; there cannot exist any material-causal physical relationship/s between any two exhaustive spatial pixels existing either in the same- or different- UF's frames due to the UCP's simultaneous computation of all exhaustive spatial pixels comprising any UF's frame/frames. Hence, this new ACC paradigm challenges and negates some of the key material-causal assumptions found in RT and QM including: the Big-Bang model, Einstein's equations, the assumed collapse of QM's target's probability wave, function, dark-matter or dark-energy etc. In fact this new ACC paradigm of 21st century physics advances theoretical physics well beyond the limitations of the old material-causal paradigm indicating that it may be possible to reverse-time, transmit material effects at a speed greater than light, and points the potential of human consciousness to affect the cosmos. A series of critical predictions that differentiate this new CUFT's ACC paradigm from the old material-causal paradigm of RT & QM (one of which has already been verified empirically) are specified and a call for experimental physicists is outlined towards a direct empirical validation of this new ACC paradigm of 21st century physics.

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