Cancer cured by bio electrons laser acupuncture

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Cancer cured by bio electrons laser acupuncture

5th European Conference on Clinical and Medical Case Reports

September 07-08, 2017 Paris, France

Nick Kostovic

Kostovic Acupuncture by bio Electronâ??s Laser, USA

Keynote: J Clin Case Rep

Abstract :

New Advanced Technology in Medicine by Bio Electronâ??s Photons Special circuit: I, Nick Kostovic, for the first time in recorded history have eliminated magnetic from regular electromagnetic electricity. I also created the next six steps described below. I did this by developing a proprietary way of reversed current RC to create what is bio electricity. The device I created is called the Kostovic BioTechnological Energizer, K-BTE Medical Laser Device First, my center has successfully developed special current circuit and canceled magnetic from electromagnetic. Second, this device extracts bio electron photons from H2O electric fluid by wire and wirelessly. Third, while using the K-BTE device therapist has absolute control of speed/frequency of these released and enriched bio electron photons. Fourth, bio electrons photons are converted into the strength of Micro or Nano amperes allowing the bio electricity to softly penetrate into the brain or any other physical organ with zero harm to the healthy cells. Fifth, in the process of extracting bio electron photons from the electric fluid it can include transference of hundreds of different natural acids as well as amino acids. Each biological agent BA is capable to transfer 3 to 6 different natural and amino acids, by enriched bio electron photons Sixth, these enriched bio electrons photons are wirelessly transferred through and olive oil coating on the skin enabling the bio electricity to softly penetrate/bio electron photons always penetrate softly on the skin surface/deeply and efficiently targeting the specific ailing human tissue. This process is always skillfully directed into the body with the very gentle frequencies of Micro and Nano amperes allowing zero risk of negative consequences.

Biography :

Nick Kostovic was graduated from the Split Gymnasium in 1969 with an Associate of Art’s degree in Humanities and Science. He has combined Quantum Mechanics Physics and Electromagnetic Science and created K-BTE Medical Laser Device. He has canceled magnetic from industrial electromagnetic electricity and converted this into his discovery bioelectricity which has the ability to release bio electron’s photons which become most efficient tool in healing process of any of human physical organs.

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