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A tumor is a mass of tissue that is framed by a gathering of unusual cells. Typically, the phones in your body age, pass on, and are supplanted by new cells. With malignant growth and different tumors, something upsets this cycle. Tumor cells develop, despite the fact that the body needn't bother with them, and dissimilar to ordinary old cells, they don't kick the bucket. As this procedure goes on, the tumor keeps on developing as an ever increasing number of cells are added to the mass. The expressions tumor and disease are once in a while utilized conversely which can be misdirecting. A tumor isn't really a disease. The word tumor essentially alludes to a mass. For instance, an assortment of liquid would meet the meaning of a tumor. A malignancy is an especially undermining kind of tumor. It is useful to keep these differentiations clear while examining a potential malignancy conclusion.

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