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Translational Bioinformatics Peer Review Journals

Translational bioinformatics represents the advancement and sophistication of traditional in-silico approaches and focuses on applying the existing research to bridge biological data and clinical informatics. The applicability of translational bioinformatics has been expanded to both the biological and healthcare industries. Translational bioinformatics has made several databases accessible to researchers as information sources. These databases are valuable resources to various stakeholders including but not limited to clinicians, biologists, clinical researchers, bioinformaticians and health service researchers. For example, these databases are very useful for biologists to understand the disease management and drug development methodologies useful in generating new hypothesis. Translational bioinformatics databases in general are a collection of highly curated scientific evidence knowledgebases gathered from various experiments in combination with existing knowledge on descriptive genomics, proteomics, enzymes and gene variants. This article discusses various translational bioinformatics databases.

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