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Top Journals In Coastal Engineering

For coastal engineers and scientists, coastal engineering is an international tool. A civil engineering branch concerned with planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining works in the coastal zone. These works include controlling shoreline erosion; developing navigation channels, defending against flooding, and developing coastal recreation. The successful coastal engineer must have a working knowledge of oceanography and meteorology, hydrodynamics, soil mechanics and geomorphology, statistics, and structural mechanics. Tools that support coastal design include analytical theories of wave motion, the interaction between wave and structure, diffusion in a turbulent flow field, and so on; numerical and physical hydraulic models; basic expertise. Coastal structures can be classified by their function and the structural features they serve. Primary functional classes include seawalls, overhangs, and bulkheads; groins; jetties; breakwaters; and a group of diverse structures including piers, submerged pipelines, and various port and marina structures.

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