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Neonatal Biology

Neonatology is a pediatric subspecialty consisting of the medical treatment of newborn babies, particularly those born ill or premature. It is a hospital-based specialty, which is commonly performed in intensive neonatal care units (NICUs). Neonatologists' primary patients are newborn babies who are sick or need special medical care due to premature birth , low birth weight, restriction of intrauterine development, congenital malformations (birth defects), sepsis, pulmonary hypoplasia, or asphyxia at birth. Rather of focusing on a single group of organs, neonatologists focus on the treatment of newborns that need hospitalization by Intensive Care Unit ( ICU). They can also serve as general pediatricians in the hospital where they are located, offering well-born assessment and treatment. Some neonatologists, particularly those in academic settings, can monitor infants for months or even years after hospital discharge to better assess the long-term effects of early-life health problems. Some neonatologists do clinical and basic science research to further our understanding of this particular patient population.

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