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Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering Journals Publications

The mission of the Irrigation Engineering uses affords a discussion board for publishing new findings on Engineering ideas and technology. Currently our primary research goal is to inspire and help the improvement of higher and quicker measures of Engineering activity. In cases where we agree with we are able to make a contribution directly, in preference to through highlighting the work of others, we are generating our own measures of Irrigation Engineering.

Proper drainage improves soil structure; increases efficiency of phosphorus fertilizer; conserves soil nitrogen; and controls waterlogging, leaching, and salinization of soils due to irrigation. Drainage in agriculture, the elimination of excess water from the soil, either through a machine of surface ditches, or with the aid of underground conduits if required with the aid of soil conditions and land contour. Diesel or centrifugal pumps are now and again used to drain massive areas.

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