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Bioaugmentation Impact Factor

Bioaugmentation is the act of including refined microorganisms into the subsurface to biodegrade explicit soil and groundwater contaminants. By and large, refined microorganisms utilized for bioaugmentation are "masters" in corrupting explicit objective contaminants. For instance, a few organisms might have the option to debase the chlorinated mixes cis-1,2 dichloroethylene (cDCE) and vinyl chloride (VC) more rapidly than the normally happening microbial network at a specific site. Thus, the remediation network has moved toward a progressively prescriptive methodology with the utilization of bioaugmentation to quicken the reductive dechlorination process, accomplish remediation targets, and acknowledge cost investment funds. Bioaugmentation  Impact Factor publish the articles which exemplify the advanced importance and applications of biodegradation & biotransformation technology to soil, water, sewage, heavy metals and hydrocarbons.

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