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Mass spectrometry (MS) may be a widely used instrumental technique, with the primary such instrument, referred to as a parabola spectrograph, being reported in 1912. Since then, numerous advances and enhancements in MS have made this system a mainstay, first in physics laboratories and now in analytical chemistry and forensic science laboratories.

It has been applied successfully to a very wide range of analytical problems in the food and nutrition sciences. Mass spectrometers became much more accessible, cheaper to get and operate, and easier to use, especially over the last decade. This is mainly a consequence of the arrival of compact, bench-top instruments, usually coupled to gas or liquid chromatographs.

MS is based on ionization and fragmentation of sample molecules in the gas phase. Since molecules fragment during a unique manner, the resulting ion fragmentation pattern are often wont to obtain structural information for a given molecule. In forensic science, MS has become the technique of choice for the definitive identification of a good sort of evidence including controlled substances and fire debris. In these cases, the spectrometer is generally including either a gas chromatography (GC) or liquid chromatography (LC) system and is employed because the detector; that’s, separation of the sample is achieved via chromatography and therefore the separated compounds enter the spectrometer sequentially for ionization, separation, and detection of the generated ions. Mass spectrometry has gradually become a crucial tool in food quality and safety evaluation, playing a crucial role within the analysis of food quality components, pesticide residues, environmental persistent pollutants, and others in recent years, thus ensuring the quality, reliability, and safety of food. This chapter reviews the literatures of mass spectrometry application in food quality and safety evaluation during the last 10 years, introduces the development of mass category and characteristics, especially the application of mass spectrometry in different aspects of food quality and safety evaluation, explores and prospects the future application trends of mass spectrometry in food quality and safety evaluation. And it can be used as reference for the later research.


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