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This paper introduced dextran salt metallic element, a medical intermediate wealthy in salt cluster, as a possible depressant for spar and mineral in mineral flotation. The flotation behaviors of mineral, spar and mineral underneath totally different pulp pH with dextran salt metallic element acting as depressant and metallic element oleate acting as collector were studied through micro-flotation tests. The results showed that once metallic element oleate was used alone, the 3 minerals floated well and were tough to separate. Dextran salt metallic element exhibited a selective depressant impact on spar and mineral flotation once it absolutely was additional before metallic element oleate. mistreatment dextran salt metallic element as depressant may deliver the goods the advantageous flotation separation of mineral from spar and mineral by management of pulp pH at seven.0. The selective depressant impact of dextran salt metallic element on spar and mineral was explored through surface analyses together with letter of the alphabet potential measurements, contact angle measurements and FTIR studies on mineral samples treated with dextran salt metallic element and/or metallic element oleate. On the premise of the surface analyses, a selective sorption model of dextran salt metallic element on spar and mineral was projected. Flotation, that exploits the variations within the surface wettability of minerals to impact separation, has been crucial in rare-earth element components (REE) extraction. Monazite, a phosphate mineral normally containing REE (typically metallic element, cerium, and neodymium), happens in association with haematite and quartz gangue minerals in some low grade deposits. during this study, the chemical science properties together with contact angle, letter of the alphabet potential, and floatability of mineral, hematite, and quartz were determined within the presence of monounsaturated fatty acid as a collector. Contact angle measurements indicated sorption of monounsaturated fatty acid onto the minerals' surfaces. letter of the alphabet potential measurements were accustomed elucidate monounsaturated fatty acid sorption mechanism onto the mineral particle surfaces. Results from letter of the alphabet potential measurements indicated that depressants area unit needed to attain selective flotation recovery of mineral from haematite and quartz. The flotation check results confirmed poor property between monazite; and haematite and quartz, severally. However, rare-earth element oxides (REO) in mineral floated higher than each haematite and quartz in the slightest degree the monounsaturated fatty acid dosages investigated. the utilization of soluble glass and starch as depressants increased the selective flotation recovery of REO from haematite and quartz mixtures.

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