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Setting Quantified Road Safety Targets: Theory and Practice in Sweden

Knowledge Discovery Technique for Web-Based Diabetes Educational System

Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Diagnosis of Eosinophilia

HIV-PDI: A Protein-Drug Interaction Resource for Structural Analyses of HIV Drug Resistance: 1. Concepts and Associated Database

HIV-PDI: A Protein Drug Interaction Resource for Structural Analyses of HIV Drug Resistance: 2. Examples of Use and Proof-of-Concept

Cyanide Poisoning in a Children Caused by Apricot Seeds

A Model of Calcium Homeostasis Linked with Electrostrictive Energy

ICU Communication Representation: Clinician-Clinician and Clinician-Computer Interactions

Divergence Weighted Independence Graphs for the Exploratory Analysis of Biological Expression Data

Clinician Acceptance of Computerized Alerts for Public Health Surveillance

Characterizing Clinical Text and Sublanguage: A Case Study of the VA Clinical Notes

Artificial Neural Network System in the Automated Diagnosis of Fetal Heart Rate

Extraction of Genetic Mutations Associated with Cancer from Public Literature

Standards and Guidelines for Personal Health Records in the United States: Finding Consensus in a Rapidly Evolving and Divided Environment

Two Years of Computer Supported Outbreak Detection in Sweden: the User’s Perspective

The Development of Cancer Genome Research and its Clinical Opportunity brought by Next Generation Sequencing

Adolescent with Unfeasible Body Mass Index: A Risk Factor for Iron Deficiency Anemia

Utilizing Telemedicine Techniques to Confront Rural Mental Health Care Challenges: The Progression Towards a Technological Health Ecosystem

How do the Dutch Choose their Hospitals? Results from a Survey among 311 Patients

Patients User Experiences with Technologies in Health Service Industry

The State of Health Information Exchange

A Conceptual Sustainability Strategy for a Rurally-Based Community Health Promotion Initiative

Multi-Center Correction Functions for Magnetization Transfer Ratios of MRI Scans

Why we need Health Information Technology for Maintaining and Accessing Health Care Information

Diabetes Research in India, China and Brazil: A Comparative Quantitative Study, 2000-09

Assessment of Teratogenecity and Embryo Toxicity of Dye Wastewater Untreated Sludge from Sanganer on Swiss Albino Mice when Administered during Growth Period of Gestation

Medical Robotics – Not A Golem Anymore

Presenting a Hybrid Method in Order to Predict the 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1)

Standardizing Canadian Decision Support Systems

Sickle Cell Gene (HbS) Scenario in Tribal India

Comparison of Stool Microscopy between Young and Elderly Adults without Diarrhea in Rural Bangladesh

Actocardiographic Analysis of Fetal Hypoxia Detected by the Bradycardia, Loss of Fetal Heart Rate Acceleration, and Long Term Variability

The Impact of Exercise on Short-term Memory Fading of Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients in Rural Eastern Kentucky

Electronic Health Record Acceptance: A Descriptive Study in Zahedan, Southeast Iran

Global Progress of Perinatal Medicine

An Analysis of Volunteer Age and Level of Education on Performance in ‘Readability’ Testing for Patient Information Leaflets (PILs)

A Hospital Healthcare Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Networks

The Asymptotic Noise Distribution in Karhunen-Loeve Transform Eigenmodes

Exploratory Factor Analysis of User’s Compliance Behaviour towards Health Information System’s Security

Improved Outcome of Infants Born at less than 24 Weeks of Gestation in Japan

The Professional Responsibility Model of Ethics in Perinatal Medicine

Progress of Perinatal Medicine in Japan

Progress of Perinatal Medicine in Spain

The Treatments of Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome in Monochorionic Twin Pregnancies by the Fetoscopic Laser Photocoagulation

Using Three Machine Learning Techniques for Predicting Breast Cancer Recurrence

Fetal Behavior in 4D Ultrasound in the Progress of Perinatal Medicine

Intelligent Information System of Diagnosis and Monitoring Application in the Emergency Medical Aid for Poisonings by Toxic Substances

Erich Saling-The Father of Prenatal and Perinatal Medicine

Improved Maternal and Perinatal Mortalities by Trained Medical Assistant Staffs in Rural Tanzania

Global Statistics of Perinatal Medicine

A Comparison Study on Machine Learning Algorithms Utilized in P300-based BCI

Thirty Years of Perinatal Care in Portugal

Non-invasive Techniques of Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy in Perinatal Medicine

Perinatal Service in the State of Qatar

Importance of EHR Systems in Health Care

Information or Noise? That is the Question

The Progress of Perinatal Medicine in Italy

Comparison of Obstetric Care in Germany and in the Netherlands

The Role of Fetal Neurology in the Progress of Perinatal Medicine

Development the Health Learning Center System for Provincial Hospitals in Thailand

Applying Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Leading Change to the Digital Transformation of an Orthopedic Surgical Practice Group in Toronto, Canada

The Discharge Dilemma: Technological Challenge

Medical Informatics

Improving Electronic Health Records Training through Usability Evaluation in Primary Care

Uterine Contractions in Normal Labor Developed by a Positive Feed-back and Oscillation

A Tutorial on Information Filtering Concepts and Methods for Bio-medical Searching

An Overview of Health Analytics

A Proposal to Reduce Congenital Cerebral Palsy

Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring

Fetal Movements

Prophylactic MTX Therapy to Prevent Choriocarcinoma

The Cause of Preeclampsia

Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization with Common B-mode Device: GLHW

Health Promotion through a Community-led Participatory Design: Bridging the Gap between Need and Academic Research in African American Communities

Insurer Payment Lags to Physician Practices: An Opportunity to Finance Electronic Medical Record Adoption

CP Prevention by Early Delivery before Fetal Brain Damage in the Loss of FHR Variability, even in Non-hypoxia

Opinion on a new and Challenging Tool in Prenatal Counseling: Non invasive Prenatal Testing by Fetal Cell-Free DNA in Maternal Blood

Diagnostic Ultrasound Safety

Quantitative Analysis of Fetal Actocardiogram: Update

Data Integration for Cancer Clinical Outcome Prediction

Diagnostic Ultrasound Safety: 3. Heating Effect on Animal Fetus in Biology

Diagnostic Ultrasound Safety 2: Physical Property of Diagnostic Ultrasound

Fetal Growth Restriction

Fetal Hypoxia

Neurosurgery Nursing and Spiritual Dimension of Nursing Care

Twitter Data Offers Opportunities for Public Health Professionals

Addressing Emergency Department Overcrowding Through a Systems Approach Using Big Data Research

Big Data and Visual Analytics in Health and Medicine: From Pipe Dream to Reality

Care and Technology: Can they Connect?

Data Management Knowledge, Practice and Associated Factors of Ethiopian Health Extension Workers in Gamo Gofa Zone, Southern Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional study

Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Associated with Lassa Fever Virus Infection

Patient Specific Radiation Dose Tracking: Improving Quality Assurance in Radiology Practices

Early Intervention in Breech Presentation to Reduce of Cesarean Section and Breech Deliveries

Predicting Under Nutrition Status of Under-Five Children Using Data Mining Techniques: The Case of 2011 Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey

Application of Data Mining Techniques to Predict Urinary Fistula Surgical Repair Outcome: The Case of Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Impact of Electronic Health Record Documentation and Clinical Documentation Specialists on Case Mix Index: A Retrospective Study for Quality Improvement

Safety of Diagnostic Ultrasound No. 6. The Safety of Pulsed Doppler Ultrasound

Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization: Techniques of GLHW Study

Electronic and Biologic Simulations of Fetal Heart Rate Changes

Perfect Chemotherapy of Uterine Malignancy Followed by Normal Pregnancy

ME (Medical Electronics)

Readiness of Electronic Health Records for the Cloud Network

Assessing the Effect of Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Treatment and Associated Factors on Incidence of Tuberculosis among Adult HIV Positive Individuals in Assela, Ethiopia

Medical Electronics Story

An Intelligent System Based on Back Propagation Neural Network and Particle Swarm Optimization for Detection of Prostate Cancer from Benign Hyperplasia of Prostate

Euclidean Norm in Composite Severity Score to Evaluate an Allergic Reaction from Conjunctival Provocations

Diagnostic Ultrasound Safety Ultrasound Safety Indices

Classification of Body Movements in Ambulatory ECG Using Wavelet Transform, Adaptive Filter and Artificial Neural Networks

Computerized Cardiotocography: A Software to Generate Synthetic Signals

Drug Informatics from Evolution to the Present Outlook

FHR Problems Solved by the Actocardiogram

Methodological Survey on Fetal ECG Extraction

Policy Challenges of Electronic Health Records and Meaningful Use

Predictors of the Use of E-Medicine by Medical Doctors

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Solution of Controversy in Fetal Heart Rate Patterns

The Perinatal Care Aims to Reduce Morbidity after Reducing Mortality in Japan

New Pathologist Roles In Value-Based Care: Rapid Molecular Pathogen Testing Reduces Hospital Septicemia Costs

Patient Safety in Blogs and Wikis Entries by Patients and For Patients

Clinical Applications of Next Generation Sequencing

Perinatal Medicine Topics in Japan

Expert Review: Current Trends of Journal of Health and Medical Informatics

Expert Review on the Current Trends of “Health and Medical Informatics”

Editorial/Short Commentary/Expert Reviews on Topic of My Interest Relating To the Field of Health and Medical Informatics as an Initiative

Pilot Study: Two-Stage Hybrid Model to Correlate Single Energy CT and PET in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

Towards A Multicultural Approach in Occidental Health Care: The Example of Orofacial Clefts

Ultrasound Diagnosis of the Fetus In-Utero

Why Health Services Research Needs Geoinformatics: Rationale and Case Example

Female Genital Mutilation and Associated Factors in GonchaSiso-Enessie District, East Gojjam Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia (2012)

Human Embryonic Behavior Observed with Time-Lapse Cinematography

Telemonitoring of Three Characteristic Parameters of Acoustics Vocal Signal in Patients with Tumor or Inflammatory Chronic Dysphonia

A Combined Algorithm for Malaria Detection from Thick Smear Blood Slides

Application of Data Mining Techniques to Discover Cause of Under- Five Children Admission to Pediatric Ward: The Case of Nigist Eleni Mohammed Memorial Zonal Hospital

Prenatal Fetal Life in the Mother

How to Reduce Cerebral Plasy?

Hyperspectral Imaging Type Medical Data Processing: Spectral and Spatial Analysis

Statistical Properties and Power Analysis of Cox’s Proportional Hazards Model Regularized by Various Penalties for DNA Microarray Gene Expression Survival Data

Awareness and Follow up of Breast Cancer in a Young Female

Back to the Future: Electronic Marking of Objective Structured Clinical Examinations and Admission Interviews Using an Online Management Information System in Schools of Health Sciences

Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Preventive Practice towards Sexual Transmitted Infections among Preparatory School Students in Shone Town, Ethiopia 2014

An Update on Microrna’s and Metabolic Regulation with Future Therapeutic Potentials Regarding Diagnosis and Treatment of Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Other Related Disorders

White Cell Counts, CRP and Appendicitis – Is There A Role for Pre-Operative Blood Tests? A Cohort Study

Essentials of Medical Writing

Predictive Activity Modeling of 2-Substituent-1H-Benzimidazole-4- Carboxamide Derivatives against Enteroviruses using QSAR Approach

Benchmarking Hospital Performance Using Health Analytics

Patient’s Preferences for Management Options in Relation to Preterm Birth

Functional Diagnosis of Hibernoma by FDG Imaging Under Propranolol Treatment: A Case Report

QSAR Studies of 3, 4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-one Urea Derivatives as Antibacterial and Antifungal activity

The Importance of Online Resources for Parents of Children with Special Needs in Hong Kong: South China’s Experience

Acute Urinary Retention Due to an Incarcerated Retroverted Gravid Uterus

Menstrual Bleeding Patterns and Development of Ovarian Cysts in Turkish Levonorgestrel- Releasing Intrauterine System Users

Right Sided Heart Failure-An Unusual Presentation of Aortic Valve Dehiscence

Assessment of Data Quality on Expanded Programme on Immunization in Ghana: The Case of New Juaben Municipality

Application of Data Mining Techniques to Predict Adult Mortality: The Case of Butajira Rural Health Program, Butajira, Ethiopia

Assessment of Professionals Literacy in Information and Communication Technology at the Administration of Food and Nutrition in Kuwait

The Integrated Management System for Salmonella Control Plan in Italy

New Frontiers in Healthcare and Technology: Internet-and Web-Based Mental Options Emerge to Complement In-Person and Telepsychiatric Care Options

Comparison of Medical and Surgical Nurses Attitudes toward Usage of Electronic Health Records

Prudential Review of Pharmaceutical Health Resources in Indian Sub-Continent

Predictability and Manageability of Diabetic Complications among Non- Dual Medicare Beneficiaries

The Journey towards Successful Research in a Diabetes Clinic: Expectations vs. Reality

Software: The Universal Solution?

Rise and Recent Hasten In Image Processing and Healthcare

Smart Technology for Mapping Obesity; Tracking Obesity for overuse of Smart Tehnology as a Risk factor

Deconstructing HARI: On The Dynamical Analysis of Clinical Trial Outcomes

Antimicrobial Susceptibility, Biochemical Characterization and Molecular Typing of Biofield Treated Klebsiella pneumoniae

Information Entropy and Protein Secondary Structure in the ZEBOVMakona Ebola Virus Glycoprotein

Application of Data Mining Techniques for Predicting CD4 Status of Patients on ART in Jimma and Bonga Hospitals, Ethiopia

A Neural Network Analysis of Treatment Quality and Efficiency of Hospitals

An Evaluation of Success of Electronic Health Records in Reducing Preventable Medical Error Rates in the United States: A Detailed Report

Giant Inguinal Hernia Repair Leading To the Diagnosis of Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome in an Elderly Lady

The Heart and Herbs: Back to the Nature

Stereoscopic Volume Rendering of Medical Imaging Data for the General Public

Quality and Readability of Online Patient Education Information and the Parents Comprehension for Childhood Depression

Artificial Neural Networks in Prediction of Patient Survival after Liver Transplantation

Designing Health Data Management Systems: Learning From Prominent Worldwide Applications

A Randomised Single-Blinded Controlled Trial on the Effectiveness of Brief Advice on Smoking Cessation among Tertiary Students in Malaysia

Wearable Sensors and Healthcare Informatics Solutions in Non- Communicable Diseases (Ncds) Prevention and Management in Africa

The Past Present and the Future of Coronary Arterial Lesions with a Non- Ischemic Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR 0.80 and Above)

Design of a Smartphone Application with Integrated Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Treatment Randomization and On-The-Fly Stimulus Parameter Adjustment for Streamlining the Clinical Evaluation of FES Protocols

Mechanisms of Detoxification and Anti-Oxidation of Nrf2 ARE Pathway in Isonicotinic Acid Hydrazide-Induced Mouse Liver Injury

Statistical Methods and Software Package for Medical Trend Analysis in Health Rate Review Process

Mobile Health: An Efficient Service to Promote Self-care among People Introducing e-selfcare

Long-term MACCE Rate after Retrograde Compared to Antegrade Recanalization of Chronic Total Coronary Occlusions

Prevention of Preeclampsia with Aspirin Therapy in the Second Trimester and Pregnancy Outcome: A Meta-analysis

Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase Gene C677T Polymorphism and Its Association with Ovary Cancer

Vanishing Lung Syndrome: A Brief Report

Mi Volumetrics: Smarter Diet Composition through Optimization

Designing a Subject-based Information Retrieval system in Digital Libraries

Characterization of Molecular Mimicry Between UL18 Glycoprotein of Human Cytomegalovirus [HCMV] and Class-I MHC Molecule through Pattern-based Analysis: An In-silico Approach

Certified Electronic Health Records and Quality of Health Care in Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Smartphone’ - A User-friendly Device to Deliver Affordable Healthcare - A Practical Paradigm

Computational Comparative Homology Based 3D-structure Modelling of the HSp70 Protein from GWD

Unanswered Questions in Pregnancy Associated Acute Coronary Syndrome: An Argument for the Creation of Specific Guidelines for the Management of This Condition

Assessing the Financial Impact of Reusing Electronic Health Records Data for Clinical Research: Results from the EHR4CR European Project

A Mini Review of Patients’Access to Health Information in China

Effects of Plantar Vibratory Stimulation on Posture Control in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Cisplatin-related Atrial Fibrillation during PEB Chemotherapy for Testicular Seminoma: A Case Report

A Survey of Computer-aided Detection of Breast Cancer with Mammography

Kernel Oriented Multivariate Feature Selection for Breast Cancer Data Classification via MRMR Filter

Physician Opinions about EHR Use by EHR Experience and by Whether the Practice had optimized its EHR Use

What is the Best Interventional Technique for Lower Extremity Arterial Disease

The Lesson Learned from Use of Toll-Free Telephone Line for Case Notification of Ebola Outbreak in Western Area, Sierra Leone

Determinants of High Fertility among Ever Married Women in Enderta District, Tigray Region, Northern Ethiopia

An Enterprise Approach for Pathology Reporting Utilizing PDF Functionality for the Electronic Medical Record

Racial Disparities in the Utilization of Prophylactic Vaccinations and Inoculations in the U.S. Hospitals

The Outcome of Postnatal Exercise on Depressed Women Six to 16 Weeks after Delivery in Sukabumi City, 2014: Pre and Post Intervention Study

Evaluation of Electronic Medical Record Implementation from User’s Perspectives in Ayder Referral Hospital Ethiopia

Study Nutritional Status by Waist Circumference and Waist Hip Ratio

Application of an Electronic Problem-Based Learning System in Undergraduate Medical Education Program

Scientific Profiles in the Field of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

A System Dynamics Simulation Model of Hierarchical Medical Care System Reform in China

Digital Technology and Mobile Applications Impact on Zika and Ebola Epidemics Data Sharing and Emergency Response

Application of High-Dimensional Statistics and Network Based Visualization Techniques on Arab Diabetes and Obesity Data

Methodological Challenges and Lessons Learned from Assessing the Routine Health Information Management Data Quality: Experience from Tanzania

Community Participation Medico-Legal Concepts to Identify Unclaimed or Missing Dead Bodies from Public Mortuaries to Improve Public Health in Western Kenya

Training Interprofessional Communication within Clinical Reasoning Processes–E-Learning Cases

Comparing the Efficiency of Artificial Neural Network and Gene Expression Programming in Predicting Coronary Artery Disease

Assessment of Information Sharing Using Social Network Analysis among Health Extension Workers in Konso Woreda: A Cross-Sectional Case Study

Modularization Analysis of Brain Functional Network Using Fuzzy C-means Algorithm and Correlation in Resting State

The Prevention of Cervical Cancer and Other HPV-Related Diseases of the Anogenital Region

Role of Technology in Health Care Sector

Electronic Health Record Management: Expectations, Issues, and Challenges

The eDoctor: Effective Use of Mobile Technology to Advance Care and Learning

Perspectives on Telemedicine

Nursing Apps for Education and Practice

Effect of Stem Cell Therapy on Gentamicin Induced Testicular Dysfunction in Rats

On Statistical Overview of Disease Causing Child Mortality in Ondo State, Nigeria

Using Clinical Data Repositories to Assess the Clinical and Financial Burden of Disease: The Example of Mitral Regurgitation

The Case for a Unique Digital Patient ID Scheme in Nigeria

A Mobile Cancer Follow-up Care Plan for Patient Empowerment

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Self Medication among Pharmacy Students of Rift Valley University, Abichu Campus, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Interoperable Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for Ecuador

A Survey on Automated Food Monitoring and Dietary Management Systems

Deep Learning and IoT to Assist Multimorbidity Home Based Healthcare

Blockchain Applications and Use Cases in Health Information Technology

Patient Perception and Choice Factors Related to International Hospitals: A Study in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ergonomics with a Human Face, a Pragmatic Perspective

A Model-Driven Based Methodology for the Generation of Context-Aware Medical Interfaces from Open EHR Archetypes

The Power in Our Pocket

Application of Data Mining to Predict the Likelihood of Contraceptive Method Use among Women Aged 15-49 Case of 2005 Demographic Health Survey Data Collected by Central Statistics Agency, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Prevalence of Common Mental Disorders and Factors Associated with These Disorders among Pregnant Women Attend Ante Natal Care Services at Hawassa Referral Hospital, Ethiopia, 2016

Paradigm Shift: Role of Social Media and Information Technology in Healthcare Advancements

Education to Increase Skills in Research Methods among Clinicians in Health Care

A Systematic Review of Highly Generalizable Risk Factors for Unplanned 30-Day All-Cause Hospital Readmissions

Evaluating the Prophylaxis of the Risk of Deep Vein ThrombosisU sing Business Intelligence

Indexing and Impact Factor: Judging the Quality of a Journal

Flu Shots vs. Natural Flu Remedies: What Works Better?

Who Don’t Want to Raise Genius Children?

New Socio-technical Devices to Improve Coordination in Healthcare in France

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Level of Knowledge Regarding the First Aid Management among School Teachers in Selected Schools of District Mohali, Punjab

Energy Management and Health: Implication of Nervous System Superconductor-Like Behaviour

Patient Safety Narratives as a Key to Promoting Quality Measurement

Healthcare IT Utilization and Penetration among Physicians Novel IT Solutions in Healthcare - Use and Acceptance in Hospitals and Private Practice

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Strategies: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

A Joint Model for Possibly Multivariate Longitudinal End Point in Clinical Cohort Study

Detecting Depression in Speech: A Multi-classifier System with Ensemble Pruning on Kappa-Error Diagram

Evaluation of Relational and NoSQL Approaches for Cohort Identification from Heterogeneous Data Sources in the National Sleep Research Resource

Community Health Workers’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Regarding Malaria Control and Prevention in Bamenda, Cameroon: A Community Based Study

Use of Natural Language Processing to Identify Significant Abnormalities for Follow-up in a Large Accumulation of Non-delivered Radiology Reports

The Effect of Epidural Morphine-Bupivacaine Combined with a Low Dose of Naloxone on Respiratory Function and Analgesia in Patients with Chronic Low-Back Pain

Better or Worse? Despite Progress, Many Africans Still Finds It Difficult in Accessing Health Care: A Comparative Analysis of Eight African Countries

A Reflection on How We Value our Research (Impacts)…

Dissatisfactions that Leads to Least Online Rating of Hospitals by its Customers

Facilitators of mHealth Implementation Program

Use of Interactive Games in Healthcare

Virtual Reality Programs Applications in Healthcare

A Mobile-Based Diet Monitoring System for Obesity Management

Strategies for Inpatient Bed Management

Anticipatory Guidance for Children with Haemophilia

Poor Correlation of Diversified MDR Genes in Gonococci Plasmids: Does Alteration in Chromosomal DEGs, PBP2 and Target Mutations Sufficient to Widespread Multi-Resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae?

Non-Anesthetic Effects of Ketamine: A Review Article Authors

Sentiment Monitoring of Social Media from Oceania

Preoperative Education System to Assist Patients Undergoing TAVI Surgery: A Digital Health Solution

An Uncommon Early Dermatological Manifestation of Childhood Coeliac Disease

Decomposition Approach for Learning Large Gene Regulatory Network

Soy Intake and Breast Cancer

Clinical Application and Research Progress of Fluorine-18-sodium Fluoride PET/CT in Benign Bone Lesions: A Review

Evaluation of Recent Medication Therapies of Asthma in Different Hospitals of Lahore City, Pakistan

Critical Success Factors for Virtual Reality-based Training in Ophthalmology Domain

Privacy-preservation Framework for Sharing Genomic Data: A Game Theoretic Approach

Laboratory Information System-Electronic Health Record Interconnection, Usage and Functionality in Ambulatory Care Settings

Application of Machine and Deep Learning Algorithms in Intelligent Clinical Decision Support Systems in Healthcare

Implementation of Behavioural and Medical Health Management Applications: Reducing High Intensity Medicaid Services Utilization for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness

Development of a Mobile Monitoring System for Asthmatic Patients

Editor Note: Journal of Health & Medical Informatics

An Insight into the Use of Information Technology and Electronics in Today’s Healthcare Landscape

Level of Awareness, Adherence to Diet, Self-monitoring and Medication Regimen among Diabetic Patients: A Basis for Improving Diabetes Specialty Clinic Services

Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Associated Factors in Dessie-referral Hospital, Dessie, Ethiopia

Compassionate Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) for Cancer: The Human Touch

Current Status and Unusual Mechanism of Multiresistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

In Silico Identification of Interaction between Ageing and Cardiovascular Disease Genes

A Comparative Performance Evaluation of Hybrid and Ensemble Machine Learning Models for Prediction of Asthma Morbidity

Interactome Analysis for Identification of Common Drug Targets in Salmonella Species

Timing and Assimilation of New Technology Adoption in Healthcare

From Guidelines to Practice: Assessing the Implementation Fidelity of Partograph Use for Monitoring Labour in Primary Healthcare Settings in India Using a Tablet-Based Mobile Application

Effect of Exercise Program on Health Status of Heart Failure Patients: A Quasi-Experimental Study

A Predictive Model for Demand for First-Line Antiretroviral (ARV) Drugs Using Data Mining Techniques

A Solution to the Digitization of Healthcare Institutions in Developing Countries

A Review of the Present State of Ambulatory Care Outpatient Oncology Workflows and the Clinical Value of Indoor Locating Systems

Prediction of incident renal replacement therapy (iRRT) use in ICU population with artificial intelligence (AI), and SOFA, OASIS, APSIII severity scores

A Knowledge-Base of Prevalent Diseases in Sunyani Municipality, Ghana Using Ontological Engineering

Attitudes about the Use of Smartphones in Medical Education and Practice in Emergency Department of Tertiary Care Hospital

Modeling National Trends on Health in the Philippines using ARIMA

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation and the Promise of Blockchain Applications

Technological Hindrances of Behavioral Medicine Patient Access: A Literature Review

Assessment of Knowledge, Perception and Practices about Malaria in Some Rural Communities of South West Region, Cameroon

Editorial- Journal Of Health & Medical Informatics (2157-7420)

Acceleration of Orthodontic Tooth Movement

Health and Management 2020: The Need and Benefit of Adoption of Total Quality Management at Primary Healthcare Facilities

Global Nursing Education 2020: Human Factor future of patient safety culture

Euro Clinical Pediatrics 2020: The intercultural approach on the prophylaxis and treatment of Infantile Asthma- Case Report

Cancer Treatment 2020 - Outcomes post induction chemotherapy followed by chemoradiation in T4b non-metastatic primary rectal cancer



Gastroenterology 2020- Link of baby feeding with overweight and patient with obesity

Transplantation 2020: Applications of anthropometry in torsoplastic surgery

The perception of dental esthetics assessed by prosthodontic residents and UAE recognized specialists in prosthodontics

Role of a dentist in the diagnosis of child abuse and neglect: a literature and narrative

Dental Education 2019- Balancing Profession, Family and Cultural Norms by Women Dentists in Pakistan

Periodontal muscle training can Strength the periodontal support, fit your teeth

Relationship between Omission, Commission Errors and Number of Drugs Prescribed

Restoring Congenitally Missing Mandibular Central Incisor Using Lithium Disilicate Based Resin Bonded Prostheses

Herbal medicine Shaofu Zhuyu decoction for primary dysmenorrhea: a systematic review protocol-

Health Care Education-the New Horizon-A proposal for curriculum of preventive heart medication and healthy beating style

Stem Cell Versus The De-De-Differentiation Hypotheses Of Human Carcinogenesis: Adult Human Organ-Specific Stem Cells As Targets For Cancer Stem Cells

Human Factor future of patient safety culture

Psychology Health Recovering from an eating disorder in a Western World

Diabesity Europe: A Survey about Different Blood Types 0, A, B, AB between Mother/ Daughter in Relation with Anorexia of the Female Adolescent

Compliance of the Web-based Distance Training and Consultancy on Individual's Treatment having Suffered Myocardial Infarction and its Effects on Well-being

Medicamentous treatment of chronic heart failure

Integrative medicine & integrated medical education

Prognostic impact of CD56 in paediatric acute myeloid leukemia

Dermatology Echo: Innovative Telemedicine One-To-Many Force Multiplier




An Evaluation of Upper Lip Length and Thickness Changes on Smiling in Patients with Class I, Class II Div1, 2 of Malocclusion According to Angle's Classification

SEO for Doctors the Challenges & Tactics to Address in 2020

Evaluation of HIV-1/HIV-2 coinfection in febrile patients visiting health centers

Liver Cancer

Gynecomastia Treatment by Lyposuction with gland excision and H.H Method

Application of a strategy based on metabolomics guided promoting blood circulation bioactivity compounds screening of vinegar-Institution of Basic Theory-China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences- China

Informed Consent For Patient Data Processing In Electronic Health Records

Influence of Helicobacter pylori infection on HbA1c (Glycated Haemoglobin) Levels: SYSTEMATIC REVIEW

Limb salvage in an extensive and complicated vascular lesion in an infant

Process Improvement: Biomedical Waste Management

Multi parameter approach at the diagnosis of the stage and severity of chronic hepatitis

Prevalence of meningitis in the first episode of febrile seizure in children aged between sixto 18 months

Association between obesity and autonomic nervous system activity in children

Vocal cord leukoplakia: Management in the and Office

New treatments for spinal cord injuries- Harry S Goldsmith

Assessment of the efficacy and tolerance of a new combination of retinoids and de-pigmenting agents in the treatment of melisma- Maria Vitale- Madrid, Spain

The Evaluation of Smile Design by Lay People and Dentists in the UAE- University of Medicine and Health Sciences- UAE

Dental Education 2019- Balancing Profession, Family and Cultural Norms by Women Dentists in Pakistan - Rubina Mumtaz-Islamabad Medical and Dental College, Pakistan

Dental Education 2018: The Evaluation of Smile Design by Lay People and Dentists in the UAE- Asmaa Al Shamsi-Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Dental Education 2018: Restoring Congenitally Missing Mandibular Central Incisor Using Lithium Disilicate Based Resin Bonded Prostheses: A Case Report- Elifnur Guzelce -Gazi University Emek

Dental Education 2018: Relationship between Omission, Commission Errors and Number of Drugs Prescribed - Ibrahim Alowayyed-King Abdul-Aziz Medical City Ministry of National Guard Riyadh

Past Conference Editorial of Healthcare & Technologies 2020

Healthcare digital transformation-There is no other option

There are no mental problems

[email protected] Can a mobile health (mHealth) intervention, with no internet connection, support multi-disciplinary healthcare teams at remote locations in a developed country?

Machine learning analysis of readmission of patients diagnosed with ischemic and pulmonary heart diseases

Electronic medical devices for different purpose and robot implementation

Horses, Zebras and Unicorns: The paradox of healthcare innovation

Z�?RAC: Apps for the integral management of overweight and obesity in mexican children.

The efficacy of playing video games versus anti-depressants in reducing treatment resistant symptoms of depression

Overview of COVID 19 disease in Albania

Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: improving response to challenge

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