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Advanced Solar Energy and Educational Technology

Development Of Modeling Tools For Optimal Design, Control And Diagnosis Of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Apus

Sustainable Energy: Challenges Of Implementing New Technologies


Scheduling Microchps in a Group of Houses

Simplified Solar Tracking Prototype

Ekf- Based Sensorless Direct Torque Control Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor: Comparison Between Two Different Selection Tables

Speed Control of the Induction Drive by Temperature and Light Sensors via Pic

Investigation Of Object Shadows Utilization in 3d Shape Re-Construction Using Inexpensive Equipment

Design a Medicine Device for Blood Oxygen Concentration and Heart Beat Rate

A Coupled Robust Design Using Game Theory

Economic Dispatch with Emission and Transmission Constraints by Augmented Lagrange Hopfield Network

Error Estimation for Ill-Posed Problems with Priori Information

A GA for the Resource Sharing and Scheduling Problem

New Developments for Optimal Selection of Filter Media in Fine Dust Bag-House Filtration

Genetic Algorithm Based Optimal Load Frequency Control in Two-Area Interconnected Power Systems


Control Of Dc Motor Using Different Control Strategies


Energy Efficiency, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in Kragujevac (Serbia)

A Model for Upper Bound Clear Sky Availability of Solar Illuminance

Implementation of Dual-Axis Solar Tracking Pilot Project

Simulation and Implementation of a Fuzzy Controlled Charger for Ni-Cd Batteries

Design Considerations for Efficient Multicast WDM Network Scalable Architecture

A Multi Objective Model for Optimization of a Green Supply Chain Network

Study for the Verification of the Tooth Profile Accuracy of the Automatic Gear Design Program


Thermal Performance Measurement of Heat Pipe

An Intelligent Voltage Control System for Korean Power Systems

On Initialization of the Expectation maximization Clustering Algorithm

Simulation of Coal Combustion Process in Small Boiler

Optimisation of Fuzzy Based Maximum Power Point Tracking in PV System for Rapidly Changing Solar Irradiance

Simulation of Substation Integrated Monitoring System Using Labview

Micro-Cogeneration Including the Conversion Of Chemical Energy of Biomass to Electric Energy and the Low Potential Heat

Simulation of Substation Integrated Monitoring System Using Labview

Optimizing CNC Turning Process Using Real Coded Genetic Algorithm and Differential Evolution

Vertex Exponents of Two-Colored Primitive Extremal Ministrong Digraphs

Device for Simulation of Transfer Low Potential Geothermal Heat with Heat Pipe and with Forced Circulation of Heat Carrier

Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Estimation of Energy Demand of Turkey

Manipulation of Tabu List to Handle Machine Breakdowns in Job Shop Scheduling Problems

Adaptive Ensemble and Hybrid Models for Classification of Bioinformatics Datasets

An Innovative Technique for Design Optimization of Core Type 3-Phase Distribution Transformer Using Mathematica

Integrated Design of Renewable Energy Decentralized Power Plant Comprising Energy Storage for Off-Grid Eco Village

Audio-Visual Based Recognition of Auscultatory Heart Sounds with Fourier and Wavelet Analyses

Determination of Lot Size in the Construction of Six Sigma Based Double Sampling Plans

Resource Management in Web OS Based on Semantic Web Technology

Performance of Direct Torque Control Implemented In Speed Drive

Implementation of a Small Size Electronic Power Module for Motor Control

Calculation of Critical Distance in Faulted Meshed Power System



An Improved Direct Search Approach for Solving Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming Problems

Critical Voltage Proximity Index Investigation For Transmission Systems

Hybrid Renewable Energy System Solution for Remote Areas in UAE

Description and Evaluation of Eco-Friendly Process for Cleaner Hydrogen Production

Solving Systems of Nonlinear Equations Using A Globally Convergent Optimization Algorithm

A New Methodology to Solve Joint Energy and Primary Reserve Scheduling

The Effect of Turbulence Model Variation on Flame Propagation in a Particular 4-Valve Engine Combustion Chamber

Comparison of Intelligent Methods for Thermal Assessment of Power Cables Under Geometrical Parameter Variations

Optimal Technology

Power, Control and Optimization

Soft Computing Methods in Business Optimization

Recent Advances in Multiple-Stage Centrifugal Compressors

Short Note on Computational Intelligent Techniques for Industrial Production Systems

Real Time Applications of Soft Computing Techniques

Development and Assessment of a Backward Facing Steps Planar Rocket Nozzle

A Short Note On Application Of Fuzzy And Meta-heuristics Optimization In Manufacturing Environment

Multi Objective Optimization of Production-Distribution Problem under Fuzzy Random Environment

Bioenergy For Energy Or Materials: Future Perspective Through Development Of Management

Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow Using Self-Organizing Hierarchical PSO with Time-Varying Acceleration Coefficients

Purposeful Model Parameters Genesis in Multi-population Genetic Algorithm

Green Mobile Telecommunication: Assessment and Implementation A Consumer Perspective in Lebanon

Cell- The Basic Building Block of Human Body

Nonlinear Robust Power Control of Uncertain DC-DC Converter with Bilinear Dynamics

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Assess the Environmental Vulnerability at Local Scale in Context of Climate Change (Pilot Study in Upper Draa Valley, South Morocco)

Human Papillomavirus 16 L1 Protein Expression and Self-Assembly in Recombinant Pichia pastoris

Survay on Job Scheduling, Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance Techniques for Computational Grids

Sustainability of the Moroccan oasean system (Case study: Middle Draa Valley)

A Study on Maximizing the Energy Density of a System by Choosing a Suitable Flywheel

Nanoscale Ferroelectric Structures: Landau Theory for the Polarization Profile in a Ferroelectric Nano-Box and its Response to an Incident Electromagnetic Field

Free Vibration Analysis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Based on the Continuum Finite Element Method

Toward EHW 2.0 - Some Ideas in HDL-Based Evolution of Digital Circuits

Hybrid Differential Evolution and Harmony Search for Optimal Power Flow

Power System Expansion Planning - State of the Problem

Short Note on Research Findings and Results: An Innovative Fuzzy Computing for Industrial Production Planning

Software Dependency Estimation in the code Repositories for the Requirement Evolution

Simple Technique of Projected Lagrange for a Class of Multi-Stage Stochastic Nonlinear Programs

Size Analysis of the Kolhan Shales

Pseudo-gradient Based Particle Swarm Optimization with Constriction Factor for Multi Objective Optimal Power Flow

Entropy Based Multi-criteria Decision Making Method under Fuzzy Environment and Unknown Attribute Weights

A Look at Compressor Impeller Technologies for Turbochargers Focusing on Surge Mitigation

Solving Economic Dispatch By Using Swarm Based Mean-Variance Mapping Optimization (MVMOS)

Rift that will Host Important Deposits of Hydrocarbons: A Review of the Petrologic Constraints Recorded by the Mantle Peridotites from Ophiolite Massifs

Development of Light Control and Motor Speed Control by Smart Phone

Statistical analyses and regression modeling for influence of process parameters on material removal rate in ultrasonic machining

Optimization Design of the Structure for Miniature Engraving Machine based on Orthogonal Experiment and Grey Correlation Analysis

Process of Development a Dual Axis Solar Tracking Prototype

A Stochastic Programming Based Scheduling and Dispatch for Smart Grid with Intermittent Wind Power

Greenhouses for Food Production and the Environment

Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for Solving Hydrothermal System Scheduling Problem Considering Constraints in Transmission Lines

Solving Specific Domain Word Sense Disambiguation using the D-Bees Algorithm

True Angle between Anterior-Posterior Impingement in Total Hip Arthroplasty: Why Common Constrained Cups have to Fail

Mitigating the Impact of NBTI and PBTI Degradation

Improving the Functionality of Olive Oil by Cross Breeding

A Journey to the Stars: Space Propulsion Brought About by Astrophysical Phenomena Such as Accretion Disk and Astrophysical Jet

Gamma Attenuation Coefficient of Carbonate Rocks Sampled from the North Western Coast of Egypt

Inspiring Future Technology

Aligning the Most Advanced Technology With Green Engineering Principles – Can We Turn Back in Time?

Energy Optimization of Steel in Electric Arc Furnace

A Hybrid Optimization Technique Applied to the Intermediate-Target Optimal Control Problem

New Cartesian Physics and Universe Pressure

Performance of Coal Based Thermal Power Plant at Full Load and Part Loads

Global Transformer Design Optimization (GTDO) using Harmony Search and FEM Technique

Cognitive Data-Driven Proxy Modeling for Performance Forecasting of Waterflooding Process

Clues for age of Kolhan Basin: tectonic implications

Insoluble Residue Analysis of Limestone in Kolhan Group: Tectonic Implications

How Can We Improve the Balanced Scorecard?

A Comparative Study on Prominent Swarm Intelligence Methods for Function Optimization

Cuckoo Search Algorithm Application for Economic Dispatch with Wind Farm in Power Systems

Solution of Voltra-Fredholm Integro-Differential Equations using Chebyshev Collocation Method

Some Thoughts about Artificial Consciousness

Some Key Issues of Technology and Optimization

Advanced Integrated Future Vehicle Telematics System Concept Modeling

Power Analysis for a Limited Bus Grid System with Distribution Generators

Experimental Investigation of Compressive Behaviour of Pier by Partial Replacement of Metakaolin

Predictor Analysis on Non-parametric Bulk Arrival Fuzzy Queuing System

On the Non-primitive Variables Formulations for the Incompressible Euler Equations

New Cartesian Generalization of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity Theory Report on the Project “New Cartesian Physics”

Woody Species Diversity of Parkland Agroforestry in Ethiopia

Economic and Financial Informatics

The Big Data Deluge in Biology: Challenges and Solutions

In Silico Identification of Novel Potential Vaccine Candidates in Streptococcus pneumoniae

Multi-Agent Robot System and Events Executing Using GPS Cloud

Big Data: Witnessing the Birth of a New Discipline

Missing Value Imputation Using Stratified Supervised Learning for Cardiovascular Data

PROJECT Method for Optimization of Target Model in DEA

Nanostructured Waste Paper Ash Treated Lateritic Soil and Its California Bearing Ratio Optimization

Research on Intelligent Flight Software Robot Based on Internet of Things

Classification of Imbalance Data using Tomek Link (T-Link) Combined with Random Under-sampling (RUS) as a Data Reduction Method

The Roles of Supply Chain Performance Measurement on Manufacturing Firms

Direct Differentiation Based Hessian Formulation for Training Multilayer Feed forward Neural Networks using the LM Algorithm-Performance Comparison with Conventional Jacobian-Based Learning

Epitope-Based Vaccine Design against the Outer Membrane Glycoprotein of HCMV

Robust Multidisciplinary Optimization for Wing of a Low Subsonic UAV

Reduced Encoding Complexity for LDPC Codes Using Partially Random and Involutory Matrix Concept in the Generation of Parity Check Matrix

Determinants of Sales Growth in the South African Automotive Industry

Period Calculation of Thin Steel Plate Shear Walls and the Effect of Connection Type and Degree of Opening on it

Examining Possible Supplementary Nature of Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs): A Discussion

Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Fractional Edge Detection

Adaptive Registration with Decentralized Kalman Filter Fusion Algorithm for Radar-ADS-B Data Fusion in Air Traffic Surveillance

Modeling and Prediction of Electrospun Fiber Morphology using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Multi-Swarm Harris Hawk’s Optimization

Influence of Principal Component Analysis as a Data Conditioning Approach for Training Multilayer Feedforward Neural Networks with Exact Form of Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm

Sonoluminescence from Ultra-High-Temperature and High-Pressure Cavitation and its Effect on Surface Modification of Cr-Mo Steel

Balanced Scorecard Improvement

Strategies in Business Optimization

Advances in Centrifugal Compressors

Computing Technology for Industrial Production Planning

Cell of Human Body

Editor Note for Global Journal of Technology and Optimization

Technology for Waste Management

Biofuel Technology

Technology for Management of Industrial Energy

High-Energy Radiation in the Space

Space Communication and Technology

Editorial Note for Global Journal of Technology and Optimization

Adding Bluetooth Capabilities to the Vehicle Key Fob

Comparative Analysis of Multi-Verse Optimizer with Time Freeze Effect and basic Multi-Verse Optimizer

3D Body Scanning Technology and its Applications

Forensic Facial Reconstruction and Optimization

A Cordial Welcome to Participate as Editor for Global Journal of Technology and Optimization

Welcoming Researchers to Participate as Editor for Global Journal of Technology and Optimization

Welcoming Researchers to Participate as Reviewer for Global Journal of Technology and Optimization

COVID-19 Effect on Technology Field

Mathematical Models in Machine Learning

Invitation to Submit Articles to the Regular Upcoming Issue of Global Journal of Technology and Optimization

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